A leading UK Investment Management Company Renews Contract with Lombard Risk

  • Investment Management
  • 30.03.2016 02:00 pm

 A leading European investment management company based in the UK has renewed its long-standing contract with Lombard Risk for COLLINE, a real-time cross product collateral solution, as well as its front office trading tool OBERON. These solutions will continue to provide Lombard Risk’s client with the calculation of exposure and end-to-end margin processing and reporting.

In addition, the client has added a COLLINE Connect licence for electronic messaging.  By providing real-time communications with external providers, and reducing reliance on emails, COLLINE enables volumes to scale as clients see their business’ grow and improves automation and efficiency within markets.

Web-based COLLINE enables firms to move away from managing collateral in business silos.  COLLINE supports multiple business lines on a single platform thus permitting more efficient collateral management, collateral optimisation and proactive management of liquidity and capital charge constraints.

Tina Wilkinson, Lombard Risk’s Global Head of Product and Marketing added: “We’re delighted to be further extending and expanding our relationship with this major organisation in support of their collateral, trading and regulatory requirements—providing the agility needed to respond to market and regulatory demands.  We look to continually improve the effectiveness and transparency of our processes.  Real-time status updates and automated information exchange are increasingly essential tools in our business.”

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