Wavex Provides Tailored IT Solutions to Doughty Street Chambers

  • Infrastructure
  • 19.05.2017 10:45 am

Wavex Technology, the IT services provider with a strong focus on user safety and business cyber security, has been chosen by Doughty Street Chambers, a set of barristers with three offices in the UK, as its sole IT services provider. The deal will see Wavex provide comprehensive and tailored IT management and support.

Doughty Street Chambers previously operated using a traditional ‘on premise’ infrastructure, but the Set recently decided to reconsider its IT strategy after a personnel change. Following a competitive tender process that involved three other parties, Wavex was chosen by Doughty Street Chambers to manage the move to a fully hosted and supported IT infrastructure.

As well as complete end-to-end management of their infrastructure transition, Wavex will be delivering fully managed IT support across all three UK offices — plus its international offices in The Hague, Netherlands — as well as third-party supplier management. It is also providing its APEX IT Director Dashboard and APEX Secure solutions to assist Doughty Street Chambers in its day-to-day IT management.

Mark Dembovsky, Chief Executive Officer, Doughty Street Chambers, says: “As a Chambers we simply cannot afford to experience periods of downtime or disruption as part of the transition from our previous IT infrastructure to the new one. Plus, with around 140 barristers operating on a completely mobile basis, all of whom are dependent on remote access to the our IT systems, it was imperative that we found a supplier who could deliver a tailored solution that met our many requirements.”

“We were instantly impressed with what Wavex put forward during the tender process. Not only did they clearly understand each of our requirements, but the solutions it put forward allow for flexible user collaboration regardless of geographical location or device type, making life much easier for all members and staff. Wavex’s client engagement model also gave us confidence that we could carry on delivering the world-class service we’re known for while ensuring our IT systems evolve in line with our requirements.”

As a result of the solution delivered by Wavex, Doughty Street Chambers will be able to benefit from enhanced user satisfaction and more transparency through the use of the APEX platform. APEX Secure, a module within the APEX platform that includes a range of security products and tools, will provide increased user and platform security, while the new cloud-based platform will make it easier for the Set to scale up its services in line with growth.

Gavin Russell, CEO of Wavex, says: “Due to the number of people working remotely and the confidential nature of its work, we knew that any IT solution Doughty Street Chambers required would be a complex one. We’re delighted that it chose us to manage the process, and we’re excited to see it realise the benefits of using the new infrastructure.”

The transition process is ongoing, and is scheduled to be completed in August 2017.

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