SOTI introduces its new platform

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  • 10.05.2017 01:15 pm

SOTI, the world's most trusted provider of mobile and IoT device management solutions, announced today the launch of the SOTI ONE platform, a suite of tightly integrated solutions. The SOTI ONE platform provides unmatched capabilities to address the core problems that organizations face when trying to leverage mobility and IoT for operations and business processes that are critical to the success of their business. The first components of SOTI ONE are available today including MobiControl, SOTI’s industry leading enterprise mobile management solution, which delivers advanced features for securely managing smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops that run on today’s popular operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows – both mobile and desktop).

In addition to MobiControl, today, SOTI is also launching two new elements of the platform. The general availability of SOTI Assist, its help desk solution, is built specifically for the unique needs of mobile computing – which differentiates it from other solutions designed to support PCs and laptops. SOTI Assist offers integrated remote control, diagnostic and ticketing to meet the support needs of today’s mobile workers. Additionally, SOTI is launching its beta version of SOTI Snap, a rapid app development solution, enabling employees across an organization – from non-technical business professionals to IT – to build and deploy applications in minutes. According to VDC Research, on average, organizations require more than six months to develop and deploy a single app and spend around $140K. SOTI Snap will help organizations overcome these substantial hurdles.

This launch comes as the future becomes increasingly mobile and connected; a seemingly infinite number of other devices are being embedded with software, sensors and connectivity at breakneck speed.

According to Gartner, by 2020, over 65 per cent of enterprises (up from 30 per cent in April 2017) will adopt IoT products[1]. With this revolution growing each day, enterprises must realize this is not a matter of user preference but a fundamental element of bottom-line productivity.


SOTI MobiControl, SOTI Assist and SOTI Snap are powerful individually, but even more so together because of their tight integration with one another. This integration will deliver capabilities that go above-and-beyond what’s possible from purchasing components from different vendors. One of the key highlights of this integration is the out-of-the-box capability for a help desk technician to remotely view a SOTI Snap app on an Apple iOS device from within SOTI Assist. Other remote support solutions require you to code an app with their SDK, which can slow down app development. Alongside SOTI MobiControl, SOTI Assist and SOTI Snap, SOTI plans to launch additional solutions to help companies derive greater insight and leverage IoT to transform their operations.

SOTI ONE is an essential solution for enterprises struggling to manage the chaos of connected devices, especially where mobility is critical to their business. The new platform will enable enterprises to maintainworker productivity, build applications faster, and manage mobile devices and IoT endpoints. SOTI ONE will use business intelligence to improve and automate business in the mobile-first era.

Carl Rodrigues, Founder and CEO of SOTI, said, “The launch of SOTI ONE marks the next wave of our company’s focus on connected experiences that give our customers the freedom to innovate anywhere, anytime, and anyplace by harnessing the power of mobility. SOTI’s journey from 2004 to now has seen the business transition from one enterprise solution, to an enterprise portfolio of solutions. This reflects what the market needs, both today and tomorrow. It will not only future-proof the SOTI business, but also the businesses of our customers.”

According to Rodrigues, the industry is changing and companies no longer require just one piece of mobility. “While businesses know that integration is critical, they continue to build their mobile strategy using disparate solutions and, just like a house of cards, if one element fails the entire system crashes,” he added. “This next phase of our vision focuses on the mobility challenges our customers across all sectors, including healthcare, retail, field services, transportation and logistics, are currently struggling with and will continue to face in the future. This change is part of SOTI’s continued commitment to delivering solutions to ensure our customers meet their business critical mobility needs – more efficiently and cost effectively.”

To experience the SOTI ONE platform, and to hear more about SOTI’s journey, visit for details.

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