SCOR Global Life Introduces New Business Acquisition Platform

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  • 01.11.2016 09:45 am

The Velogica software offers to life insurers superior new business acquisition capabilities, enabling the issuance of policies to meet a range of consumer needs in one seamless and efficient, automated process. In order to provide a best-in-class underwriting solution to its customers in Asia, SCOR Global Life has formed an exclusive partnership with Adviser Connect.

At Velogica’s core is an automated underwriting solution designed and built to satisfy the requirements of today’s demanding users – be they consumer, adviser or underwriter. Quote and apply modules, whether from the Velogica suite or the insurers’ own, are integrated using market leading, flexible and configurable software. The result – a convenient, responsive and intuitive journey that overcomes the clumsiness of existing market propositions to support the growth of insurers in Asia.

Adviser Connect is a market leading technology company and chief provider of web-based business processing and underwriting automation software to the life insurance industry in Australia.

SCOR Global Life and Adviser Connect have assembled a team of more than 60 client and technical experts with platform knowledge, software expertise and underwriting skills to work with clients to produce solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Paolo De Martin, CEO SCOR Global Life comments:

"The combination of SCOR Global Life’s risk and underwriting expertise and of the leading-edge Adviser Connect technology represents a unique opportunity that will add significant value for our Asian clients. Bringing innovative distribution solutions to our customers is a key focus of our “Vision in Action” strategic plan. With this new Velogica offering in Asia, insurers can expect greater in-depth analysis of their business data and processes and improved customer and adviser interfaces to drive ambitious business growth."

Ian Jarvie, Adviser Connect’s founder, comments:

We at Adviser Connect are extremely excited to be working with SCOR Global Life to deliver cutting edge technology to insurers in Asia to revolutionise the industry’s underwriting offering. Our focus in Australia has always been to use technology to benefit the user and we look forward to continuing that in Asia.

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