Prysm Outshines Competition in Digital Workplace Evaluation

  • Infrastructure
  • 27.04.2017 02:15 pm

Allendevaux & Company, a boutique consulting firm specializing in the intersecting media landscape of unified communications and collaboration, managed services and cloud services, has released its digital workplace competitive analysis that includes Prysm, Bluescape, Microsoft Surface Hub and Oblong Mezzanine.

Among all competitors, Prysm earned the highest score in the “features test” section of the report, as well as the highest average rating in the overall “comparative analysis” section. Prysm’s strengths, as noted in the report, include: a rich workplace collaboration, Skype for Business integration, Microsoft Office integration and support for video codecs.

The comparative analysis section looked across 10 interoperability attributes, leveraging a simple 1-5 measurement scale that assigned qualitative values for each attribute.

Highlights of the analysis of Prysm can be found below:

  • Prysm received the highest total score in the features test with a cumulative 41.5, with scores ranging from 31.5 to 35 for competitors.
  • In the infrastructure and endpoints interoperability category, Prysm scored the highest in this category, given its zero impact on workflow, its integrated capabilities, and its serving as an extension to bring your own device (BYOD) programs.
  • According to the impact to implement analysis, Prysm is simple to deploy in standard form, especially with the Prysm 85” display.

A full review of the attributes and comparisons of all competitors can be found by downloading the full report here.

“Our testing and analysis provides interested parties with the opportunity to review technology options head-to-head to gain a real-world perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of a variety of competing products,” said Rebekah Allendevaux, senior partner, Allendevaux & Company. “The digital workplace landscape is still not well understood by many companies, and we detail the benefits of each offering to help enterprises make informed decisions about which technology will best suit their unique needs.”

“Investing in a digital workplace solution is an essential and urgent undertaking for enterprises, and third-party assessments like Allendevaux’s are extremely important to provide digital workplace customers information to help guide their purchasing decisions,” said Paige O’Neill, CMO, Prysm. “Our mission is to help enterprises work smarter together. We are very pleased with Allendevaux’s report as it highlights the capabilities of the Prysm solution and its ease of use for our current and prospective enterprise customers, as well as offering us insight into where we will continue to focus to improve the experience for our customers.”

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