OTAS Core App Selected by Estimize

  • Infrastructure
  • 16.03.2016 07:15 am

Estimize, the open financial estimates platform which facilitates the aggregation of fundamental estimates continues to partner with industry leading market platforms  offering data to a broad group of users across the sell-side and buy-side. Estimize earnings estimates data are now available within the OTAS Portfolio Analytics App suite. OTAS clients will also have the ability to contribute their own estimates, adding significant data points that will enhance and deepen coverage of the Estimize data set over the long term.

The new “Estimize Stamp” is accessible by entitlement only and is available for  a coverage universe of 2,150 US stocks in the OTAS Core summary. The Stamp allows users to quickly visualize where divergences occur in consensus between ‘the Street’ and other market experts, and when used collaboratively with other Core Summary stamps provides intelligence on the potential impact for equity prices.

Tom Doris, CEO of OTAS Technologies, said: “OTAS Technologies strives to simplify complex trading workflows for our clients, providing intelligence and analysis that enable them to make better trading decisions faster. OTAS provides customizable alerts based on users specific needs including short interest, insider transactions, options and CDS. By integrating Estimize estimates into OTAS Core Summary we are able to provide another unique data offering directly into our client’s workflow for idea generation and risk management.”

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