New independent Market Survey Report Published at EBAday 2017

  • Infrastructure
  • 20.06.2017 02:45 pm

The Glue is pleased to announce the availability of an independent market survey report - The impact of Digital in global financial services - Evolution, not revolution - which is being published at the EBAday 2017 conference being held in Dublin on 20th – 21st June 2017. The report was commissioned by The Glue to gain a better understanding of how financial institutions are addressing the many complex challenges they currently face in achieving business and digital transformation within their respective firms.

Stefan Dierckx, Co-Founder at The Glue said. "To gain a balanced view of where the industry is, we engaged the services of an independent team to interview a cross-section of firms and people, who are all at different stages of their 'digital' transformation journeys. The findings are fascinating, whilst there is consensus on certain aspects of this important subject, there are also polar opposite views on other issues, for example, the relevance of the term ‘Digital’, bricks and mortar versus virtual banking services and new strategies for increasing customer acquisition. As expected, culture continues to feature very heavily as did the continuing challenges of customer retention in the face of emerging, more agile competition. Add into the mix, increasing regulation in the form of PSD2 and GDPR etc., together with the disruption to long established working practices and policies which are rippling through all firms, and it is clear the impact of ‘Digital' is both profound and far reaching. These are turbulent and exciting times, and according to the report, there is still a long way to go and everything to play for."

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