Goldmoney Launches Unified Platform -- The World's Gold Network

Goldmoney Launches Unified Platform -- The World's Gold Network
03.08.2016 08:30 am

Goldmoney Launches Unified Platform -- The World's Gold Network

Goldmoney Inc., a financial technology company that operates a global, full-reserve and gold-based financial network, today unveiled the new Goldmoney® Network, a unified service representing the combination of the BitGold and GoldMoney businesses under one brand - Goldmoney - with a refreshed look, enhanced user experience, and superior operating model.
  • Unified Goldmoney service features a simplified user experience and operates under three divisions of the Goldmoney brand: Personal, Business, and Wealth.
  • Goldmoney's enhanced operating model and improved marketing focus developed to achieve higher customer lifetime value.
  • New Real-Time Audit system provides unparalleled transparency; displays the number of accounts, transaction volume, customer assets, and activity on the network in real-time.
Goldmoney account types and services
  • Goldmoney Personal: Self-directed individual savings, payments, and global gold transfers (formerly known as BitGold).
  • Goldmoney Business: Offers a suite of global payment solutions, including ecommerce checkout tools and enhanced payout and invoicing capabilities (formerly known as BitGold Business Accounts).
  • Goldmoney Wealth: Enhanced Goldmoney experience with access to all precious metals, nine currencies, a personal relationship manager, and noted Goldmoney research to assist clients seeking wealth preservation.
New accounts structure designed to improve service and increase customer lifetime value
Account segmentation empowers each individual, family, and business by providing more tools and features to help achieve their respective goals. Users can now move value across different account types1, similar to the interplay between traditional chequing, business, and wealth management accounts.
The enhancements improve Goldmoney's service capabilities and provide clients with a suite of tailored offerings under a unified brand, thereby increasing the potential customer lifetime value of our operating model. To view the full accounts comparison, please visit:
Goldmoney new Real-Time Audit system and Final KPIs
In the pursuit of near real-time transparency for stakeholders, Goldmoney Inc. historically published monthly Key Performance Indicators ("KPIs"); the monthly disclosure was derived from Goldmoney's guiding principle - the belief that modern financial services businesses should provide transparency on an ongoing basis beyond the requirements for quarterly disclosures and annual audits.
The new Real-Time Audit system discloses the number of accounts, total client assets administered on the platform, transaction volume, and the real-time value of total client holdings stored in each vault location to all stakeholders. Additionally, a global map displays the activity feed from the Goldmoney Personal and Business divisions in real-time - an engineering challenge achieved with innovative technology designed by Goldmoney CTO Alessandro Premoli and team. To view Goldmoney's new Real-Time Audit, please visit:
As the new audit system includes cumulative transaction volume on the network (including Goldmoney Wealth activity since inception), we are providing a final snapshot of the KPIs at the end of July 31, 2016. This allows market participants to track future changes from this point forward as well as gain insight into July activity, which saw record transaction volume and assets under custody for the group. This growth was achieved on the lowest marketing spend to date over a 30-day period due in part to the anticipated launch of the unified brand.
Group Key Performance Indicators for July
Users: 1,143,986 +42,187
Transaction Volume: $86,730,805 + $9,350,210
Client Assets: $1,955,975,617 +$102,505,975
Brand assets and BitGold intellectual property
Goldmoney Inc. will continue to hold BitGold intellectual property consisting of international trademarks as well as several published and unpublished patent applications. Goldmoney will continue to invest and enhance its portfolio of intellectual property in accordance with long-term goals, which include supporting innovation and market leadership as the largest global gold savings and payments network.
"We are honoured to share the new Goldmoney with our stakeholders - one financial service that provides 100%-reserved gold-based savings, payments, and wealth services," said Goldmoney CEO Roy Sebag. "We listened to our growing community, and simplified both the user experience and the interplay between our platform offerings. Having one brand that represents what we are - the world's gold network - is an important step in our long-term goal of making Goldmoney synonymous with gold savings and payments worldwide. Our new Real-Time Audit system demonstrates the full capabilities of our network and technology; not only do we power full-reserved and unlevered gold transactions, which is a major accomplishment in and of itself, but we now disclose the financial integrity of our network in real-time - something that no other financial institution in the world has been able to achieve."
"This announcement marks the culmination of countless hours of planning and hard work to realize the unified operation that was envisioned when BitGold and Goldmoney were brought together one year ago. The entire Goldmoney team is to be congratulated on their important achievement," said James Turk, Lead Director of Goldmoney. "With this unified operating system, a dedicated team, and a solid balance sheet with approximately $60 million in cash and liquid assets and no debt, Goldmoney is well positioned to continue building the world's gold network."
"We're thrilled to unveil version 2.0 of our gold-based global savings and payments network," said Josh Crumb, Chief Strategy Officer of Goldmoney. "Our mission is to democratize global access to gold, a unique global savings asset that remains everywhere and always valuable. While we deliver unparalleled access to gold through a technology-focused platform, we also continue to build long-term financial relationships with a global client base, positioning Goldmoney for scale and reach that few other financial services are able to achieve. The unified brand together with an enhanced user experience will allow us to bolster our marketing and customer acquisition in quarters ahead."
1Feature not currently available to United States residents.

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