Epictenet Releases I-Commerce Platform

  • Infrastructure
  • 14.02.2017 06:30 am

“Imagine a journey, where instead of looking for information & options someone guides you. The i-commerce Platform is an experience that will get your thinking going, bring more innovation and enhance the present customer experience.” Ritesh Srivastava, Founder & CEO, Epictenet

In this era of global digitization, customers are more inclined towards using mobiles and other digital gadgets to get things done on their fingertips. A new revolutionary customer interface built and launched by Epictenet, coined as i-commerce platform, provides a personalised experience to customers with a humane touch, at their convenience, pace and device of choice.

i-commerce platform – is a new customer interface that will revolutionize customer interaction with organizations - open to Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence and driven by machine, captures requirements through interactive conversations, taking customer experience to the very next level. 

With the use of AI, combined with Machine Learning, form filling has become absolutely effortless, especially on mobile.  The i-commerce platform engages with the customers as a human and gathers information, saves the information on the go and intelligently processes the request.

With extensive experience in the banking and financial services industry and capability in the solutions like CRM, Product Origination, Financial Calculators and Customer Engagement App, Epictenet makes it feasible to deliver a comprehensive solution while keeping an open architecture.

While the banking industry looks for the NPP roll out later this year, I-Commerce Platform will play a major role in the customer experience for the overlay services leveraging NPP capabilities, giving Australians a unique experience with its leading technology.

The execution of the i-commerce platform is easy, the use cases are numerous and Epictenet is exuberant to be in the leader’s space giving our clients a competitive edge.

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