d10e Conference. Decentralization, a Hot Topic for Romania

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  • 03.02.2017 08:00 am

On 21-22 February 2017, at Sheraton Hotel, in Bucharest, takes place the d10e conference, bringing to Romania one of the hottest topics of the moment: decentralization. 40 international top-level speakers will reunite to enlighten the participants with new perspectives on the current systems of the world.

Decentralization, considered to be the future becomes a common topic for the largest changing generators such as U.S, Singapore and the Netherlands. In this constantly evolving global context, Romania begins to integrate itself due to disruptive actions in the political, economic or cultural field.

The integration process is also highlighted by the d10e conference’s agenda that is discussing topics such as the 6,000 Romanian who have already asked for citizenship in Liberland, a new European country built from scratch by one of the speakers of d10e. Also, another important topic is the alternative education with special projects such as Gakko, with an edition that took place in the Danube Delta in the summer of 2016. Moreover, the phenomenon of decentralization in the US will be presented by John McAfee, candidate for the US Presidency in 2016 and founder of McAfee antivirus.

Decentralization already works for more inclined to be disruptive industries, especially banking, IT, advertising, art & culture, IT & tech. The most common currency associated with decentralization is the Bitcoin, which is based on sharing power & risk, without trusting a specific institution. As the Bitcoin or other similar currencies are developed, they provide an alternative to central banking authorities.

After talking about decentralization in the most active hubs in the world – San Francisco, Singapore, Amsterdam – the hot topic reaches Bucharest. Some 300 of the most passionate leaders are expected to attend, as the event in internationally recognized by professionals from all fields, passionate about spearheading decentralizing technologies and ideas.

Among the speakers who will be present at the Romanian edition: Dragoş Roua, John McAfee, Mike Costache, Brock Pierce, Chris Bates, Jacob Boersma, Sevan Chorluyan, Buck Jordan, Jason King, Kenta Koga, Martin Koppelmann, Matt Liston, David Orban, Bruce Pon, Craig Sellars, Tom Thomison, Ronald Van Den Hoff.

More details about speakers & agenda of the event: http://d10e.biz/

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