Chatbots: An introduction

  • Infrastructure
  • 12.04.2018 09:42 am

Ever since artificial intelligence has been around, companies seek for new ways to “exploit” it. The introduction of computer programs which use auditory and textual methods to conduct conversations began in the 1950s.

That’s when the original idea about chatbots was born. Designed to follow patterns and take action when a precise keyword or phrase is written, chatbots are probably the most used marketing tool of modern times.

The first Chatbots like ELIZA (1966) and Parry (1972) were only able to simulate typed conversations, unlike those of today who can have tons of uses such as playing games, giving customer support, scheduling meetings, being personal assistants, searching and tracking for flights, and even, as Nordstrom demonstrated with staggering success, suggesting products, finding discounts and deals, etc.

Many big companies have decided to incorporate chatbots in their businesses, with Nordstrom, Google, eBay, Microsoft, and IBM being among the most famous ones.

Artificial intelligence is used by 38% of enterprises, and that number is going to grow to 68% by the end of this year. When asked whether they would like to install chatbots, 80% of businesses answered positively and that they intend to make that happen by 2020.

To get a better picture of just how big chatbots really are, please take a look at the infographic that follows.

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