AsiaInfo and Telenor Denmark win global BSS Transformation Excellence Award

  • Infrastructure
  • 07.11.2016 12:45 pm

AsiaInfo and Telenor Denmark have won the BSS Transformation Excellence category in the Global Telecoms Awards (Glotels) 2016.  The award recognises the execution of a unique project in partnership between Telenor and AsiaInfo, China’s leading telecoms IT software company. The winning submission was judged to be the BSS initiative that demonstrates the greatest innovation and commercial benefit to its users.

In the breakthrough project, AsiaInfo worked with Telenor Denmark to replace the operator’s entire business IT systems, transforming more than 400 legacy systems into a convergent real time BSS with integrated analytics driving time and context-sensitive customer engagement. The project has already begun to deliver significant improvements in customer experience as well as reductions in operating costs.

“We believe this implementation for Telenor Denmark is a worldwide first - a real time fully converged platform with integrated financial processing, open and transparent customer interaction independent of channel, customer experience and marketing analytics in both real-time and offline,” said Alex Hawker, MD-EMEA, AsiaInfo. “What’s more, the transformed BSS was designed from the start to be realized in a multi-tenant environment by operating companies in multiple countries within Telenor Group,” he added

At the heart of the business transformation project is a new standardized and simplified BSS stack which is radically more operationally efficient. For the first time, Telenor now has a unified platform across all four channels (direct sales, stores, online and contact centres) to integrate processes and simplify the product catalog via the new Telenor ‘OneScreen’ customer interface. Customers also carry the same ‘one basket’ with them through virtual interactions over the web, call center contact, and/or via physical encounters in the stores. Customers can start a purchase in one channel and finish it seamlessly in any other.

AsiaInfo’s Veris CRM’s ‘Single Version of the Truth’ (SVT) architecture is the tool that supports the OneScreen functionality, providing all of Telenor’s customers with the same experience at any customer contact channel, via any device. This is a new and truly omni-channel solution, and a radical simplification of an operator’s front office IT systems that delivers a real leap forward in an industry known for complexity and a lack of investment in improving customer experience.

Using AsiaInfo’s Veris Open Operational Platform (O2P), Telenor can also open up selected IT capabilities for partners to use, adding value to those partners’ services and enabling new business models. With O2P, Telenor can create mash-up offers which combine telecom services with digital service partners’ products, sell partner products through any channel, and manage revenue settlement automatically.

Telenor Denmark is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telenor Group. AsiaInfo is working with the Group to modernise and simplify its key customer-facing IT systems and processes. These include Billing, CRM, Analytics, the partner collaboration platform, front-end systems and financial interfaces.

Alex Hawker accepted the award for BSS Transformation Excellence at the presentation evening held in London yesterday. 

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