AlternativeSoft Announced Its Latest Software Release For 2015

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  • 03.09.2015 01:00 am

AlternativeSoft, the leading provider of buy-side analytics for manager research and portfolio construction in the alternatives and long only markets announced its latest software release for 2015, AlternativeSoft v3.5. With a reputation for consistently providing the latest academically proven quantitative models for fund analysis, AlternativeSoft has positioned itself at the forefront of fund analysis. The expansive platform provides users with comprehensive quantitative analytics, CRM functionality, bespoke reporting and fast user experience.

AlternativeSoft has announced it will be adding a full-suite of Private Equity fund analysis to its best-selling ‘Asset Selection’ and ‘Portfolio Construction’ modules which currently cover Hedge Funds, Long-only and ETFs. Developed in conjunction with practitioners using current best practices to monitor Private Equity Fund investments, the module will assist with asset allocation and provide greater insight when monitoring the overall portfolio performance and cash flows through a host of metrics including IRR, J-Curve analysis and TWRR. Greater supervisory functions have been introduced within the Portfolio Management function aimed at CIO level users providing in-depth PnL analysis along with side pocket switch trades and currency hedging, the addition of the Brinson Return Attribution model to the Exposure Analysis function and further integration with strategic partner with ‘HedgePo’ – a revolutionary data source.

According to William Broadway, Practice Lead, “We are proud of the jumps forward made by our product and development teams in the pursuit of constant improvement to functionalities our users have come to rely on. However, we are most excited about the proposition of Private Equity, which represents a significant step on our strategic path towards becoming the foremost recognised platform for Alternative Investments for Institutional Investors. Thanks to our short feedback loop, we have listened to our practitioners’ requests and focussed on ensuring they have felt heard with v3.5. We are committed to providing our clients with an integrated platform that provides a solution to all of the Alternative Investor’ needs, whether it is quantitative analytics, robust portfolio shadow accounting and manual portfolio construction or ancillary functions; like a fully integrated CRM and API reporting. We expect the next 12 months to be the most important yet for us with our continued alliance with HedgePo – tackling the inherent information asymmetry faced by investors.”

When asked about the continuing strategic partnership, Ryan Kalish, Co-founder of HedgePo said “It is indeed a very exciting time for both our firms. HedgePo is fast growing to be the established information conduit for the Investment Management industry. Data is gathered directly from the fund manager and standardised through the platform so all AlternativeSoft clients have a streamlined process to access the information they need, in real time.”

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