Alliance between EXIN and Huawei to promote e-Competences Framework

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  • 23.07.2015 01:00 am

EXIN and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd are joining forces for the development of ICT professionals based on the e-Competence Framework (e-CF). This partnership, signed in Beijing, is a breakthrough for Huawei, a leading global ICT solutions provider, and EXIN, a leading international certification institute in the ICT domain, opening up a new route for the development of ICT competences.
Being the first Chinese enterprise to sign, Huawei will become one of EXIN’s launching partners for the e-Competence Solutions, based on the e-CF. Huawei will align their training content with the e-CF competences. Furthermore, Huawei plans to offer their clients worldwide the EXIN assessments, based on the e-CF, providing companies with an overview of the competences and proficiency levels of their IT staff.
After signing the agreement, Robert Jan Willemsen, Chief Commercial Officer of EXIN, explained: “An e-CF qualification is not just focused on testing knowledge; it plays a vital role in the development of talents and organizations within the ICT industry. All parties will benefit from the use of the e-CF and set higher standards for its development in turn.”
He continues: “EXIN is very pleased with this new partnership. Huawei is a large international company and China is an important market for EXIN. The e-CF assessment is a new and upcoming product and I am certain that with Huawei as launching partner it will become successful in China.”
Tu Wenjie, Vice President Global Training and Certification Department Huawei, said that: “EXIN and Huawei signing the agreement is a win-win situation; our cooperation combines the EXIN e-CF qualifications with Huawei certification. We believe it will open up a new route for the ICT competence cultivation in the industry.”

e-Competence Framework Solutions
e-CF is a transparent and objective framework of world-recognized professional ICT competences. EXIN, a leading global certification and assessment institute and co-initiator and principal endorser of the e-Competence Framework has developed the tool set e-Competence Solutions, based on the e-CF. Apart from assessments, EXIN offers a role profiler for translating roles to the e-CF and quality labels for training. EXIN has actively participated in the development of the EU-led e-Competence Framework since the start of the program.

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