Akurateco Deploys Payment Orchestration Platform to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure
  • 13.06.2022 12:20 pm

Netherlands-based payment service provider Akurateco has successfully deployed its Payment Orchestration Platform, a fully brandable white-label payment solution that allows users to own a ready-to-use PCI DSS payment gateway, to the Oracle Cloud. A primary objective of the Oracle deployment, according to Akurateco, was to create an On-Premises software platform in Saudi Arabia based on the client's request and to provide him with a ready-to-use payment solution that does not require investment and skills for its maintenance. 

One of the reasons for the On-premises software setup was that any payment provider in the Saudi Arabian market should be in compliance with the requirements of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) for the hosting of processing information inside the country. An On-premises setup is a viable solution since all data is processed on the local servers while the whole system is controlled remotely.

The architecture of the Akurateco Payment Orchestration Platform’s On-Premises system enables deployment on nearly any cloud. It took the team 2,5 months to make a deployment to Oracle. After the PCI DDS compliance was achieved, the system was launched and is now working at full capacity within the Saudi Arabia legislative framework.

Vladimir Kuiantsev, CEO and co-Founder of Akurateco, commented: “from the moment of deployment Akurateco Payments Orchestration Platform has become Oracle-ready. Consequently, now we can deploy our system in any country where Oracle Infrastructure is available within just 2-3 weeks, complying with all the necessary regulations. We have taken this strategic step as part of our expansion into the Middle Eastern market. Also, we already have Mastercard Payment Gateway Services and Cybersource integrations available, which is especially popular among our Middle East clients”.

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