$10.9 Trillion Makes CEPRES World’s Largest Private Markets Network

  • Infrastructure
  • 14.06.2017 06:45 am

CEPRES, the investment decision network for private markets, today surpassed $10.88 trillion of asset data exchanged between 1000s of LPs and GPs for due diligence. This makes CEPRES the largest investment decision platform for private markets. With 1,000s of institutional clients exchanging transactional investment data on 3,310 funds and 40,228 investments worth $10.88 trillion with revenues of $3.8 trillion – which equates to half the market cap of the NYSE and more revenue than the GDP of Germany!


  • 1,000s of LPs and GPs exchanging confidential investment data in private, secure data rooms
  • Transactional data on 3,310 funds and 40,228 portfolio investments exchanged between counterparties
  • Due diligence on assets valued at $10.88 trillion – half the market cap of the NYSE
  • Growth analysis on $3.8 trillion of generated revenue – more than the GDP of Germany

As the largest exchange network for private markets investments, CEPRES clients benefit from the thought leadership and investment experience of their peers to become stronger investment professionals. Institutional investors and fund managers. GPs gain complete control of who has access to their track record and confidential information, as opposed to data published in the public domain.  

“This is a great milestone for CEPRES and the private markets industry. Today LPs and GPs have a single trusted platform where they can interact together on one platform; performing due-diligence, benchmarking deals and operating companies and optimizing their commitment strategies for better portfolio outcomes. Through PE.Analyzer we combine the thought leadership and investment experience of the whole industry to help our clients become stronger investment professionals.” Dr. Daniel Schmidt, Founder & CEO, CEPRES.

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