3W Infra Launches Modular Full Rack Colocation Solution with High-Availability and Scalability Features

  • IaaS
  • 12.06.2017 08:45 am

3W Infra, one of the fastest growing IaaS hosting providers in Europe that managed to grow its server base by one third in just half a year to currently 4,000 dedicated servers under management, has announced the launch of its new Full Rack Colocation plan – a highly modular thus scalable colocation offering supporting dynamic hybrid cloud and fast-paced growth strategies. By default, it includes ‘high-availability’ features such as 2N redundant power infrastructure with 100% uptime guarantee and a redundant, upgradable 10Gbps uplink.

Since moving its complete IaaS hosting infrastructure to a new, Open Compute Project (OCP) ready data center hall in Amsterdam (Switch AMS1), 3W Infra is now able to launch its Full Rack Colocation plan with high-availability and scalability features aimed at organizations with hybrid cloud strategies and other dynamic and demanding use cases such as cloud storage and big data. 

By default, the new 3W Infra Full Rack Colocation plans include the following enterprise-grade features:

  • High-availability power infrastructure, 2N instead of N+1
  • Modular/scalable power usage, 5Amp/1,15kVA with incremental upgrades to 25Amp
  • Redundant and upgradable 10Gbps full-duplex fiber uplink
  • 46U data center racks
  • Amsterdam data center (Switch AMS1) with Tier 4 specifications, and certifications including ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS
  • Sustainable, energy-efficient colocation solution with calculated pPUE of 1.04
  • Ample data center space available for high-growth colocation scenarios 

“The migration of 3W Infra’s IaaS hosting infrastructure to the new data hall in our Amsterdam flagship data center has provided us the ability to take 3W Infra’s colocation offering to the next level,” said Roy Premchand, Managing Director of 3W Infra. “The high-availability and high-scalability characteristics of these new colocation plans make it a good fit for virtually any customer and application, from start-ups with small-scale data center environments to enterprise-level users with demanding and/or large-scale data center infrastructures in place.” 

“Our scalable power features and ample data center space available enable startups as well as fast-growing SMBs and enterprises to easily adapt to altering business conditions,” added Mr. Premchand. “It offers them a pay-as-you-grow solution. Companies can even choose to deploy a private rack when they’ve still, let’s say only 4 or 5 servers to fill the cabinet. The modular thus scalable power distribution system provides colocation users the opportunity to start with relatively low and cost-efficient power consumption levels.” 

Secured Shared Rack Colocation 

At the same time, 3W Infra has launched its new Secured Shared Rack Colocation plan with shared rack space available between 1U (0,5Amp) and 10U (5Amp). It’s called ‘Secured’ Shared Rack Colocation on purpose as users are only allowed to have access to their racks when combined with personal access codes and accompanied by 3W Infra engineers.

As with the 3W Infra Full Rack Colocation plan, this shared colocation alternative comes with high-scalability options. Colocation users are able to grow their shared plans from 1U (0,5Amp) to 2U (1Amp) to 4U (3Amp) to 10U (5Amp) respectively, after which a Full Rack Colocation plan with scalable power infrastructure might be an option.

“Until now, we’ve had quite some requests for small-scale colocation infrastructure from hosting providers abroad, from places actually all over the world,” added Mr. Premchand. “Next to Frankfurt and London, Amsterdam provides them with a connectivity-dense Internet environment, especially the location in Amsterdam Southeast business district where our flagship colocation data center is located.”

24/7 Remote Hands Service

Secured Shared Rack Colocation comes with access to 3W Infra’s Remote Hands engineering services. “Especially for customers from abroad, 3W Infra’s 24/7 Remote Hands engineering services for deployment, maintenance and emergency needs may come in handy,” added Premchand. “Customers are able to buy new equipment from us, but they’re even allowed to acquire refurbished equipment, then send it over to us while our experienced and certified engineers take care of all installation and maintenance tasks required.” 

3W Infra’s Remote Hands services are not restricted to the company’s Amsterdam flagship data center. A few months ago, 3W Infra introduced its ‘data center neutral’ Remote Hands engineering services on the world’s main Internet hubs in Frankfurt, London and Amsterdam - in data centers wherever it is desired. 

3W Infra Remote Hands is delivered on the level of racks and servers and includes the deployment, maintenance and/or troubleshooting with regards to hardware, network and cable management. The Remote Hands service may as well include component replacement and spare part inventory management. 3W Infra Remote Hands is being delivered through a pay-per-use model, implicating that users will only have to pay for the actual resources they use rather than paying a subscription fee.

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