Pre-Seed Round of 3 Million Euros for Rent2Cash

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  • 05.07.2024 03:55 pm

Rent2Cash, the first Italian startup that brings the “rental advance” service to Italy and advances up to 3 years of rent to property owners, closes a pre-seed round of 3 million euros. At the same time, it officially started operations in Italy with the purchase of the first rental contracts that will be financed through the innovative securitization of the contracts themselves, carried out with the support of Banca Finint.

The financing to support the go-live. The pre-seed round of 3 million euros of mixed equity and debt collection sees among the financiers important Italian banking groups, as well as institutional investors and business angels. The round is intended to support the purchase of the first contracts, the strengthening of the residential product, the development and launch of new products, in particular in the commercial real estate segment, and the strengthening of the proprietary technological platform. Thanks to this round, Rent2Cash will also be able to focus on hiring 30 new talents, aimed at strengthening some strategic sectors such as digital & innovation, sales and commercial.

Technological enhancement at the heart of Rent2Cash development. A significant portion of the new capital will be dedicated to the enhancement of VAULT, the proprietary algorithm underlying the Rent2Cash model. This innovative tool is already able to analyze over 50 variables to examine the status of the property, the lease, the owner, and the tenant, offering customers dynamic and personalized pricing. The algorithm will be further developed to include new asset classes, with particular attention to the imminent launch of new products that will complement the residential one, primarily related to the commercial real estate sector. 

How Rent2Cash works. The startup, which has no competitors in the Italian market, monetizes up to 3 years of future rents to the owners of rented properties, also managing the collection of the rents themselves, providing dedicated assistance to customers, and ensuring a formal liquidity proposal within 10 days of the customer's request. The start of Rent2Cash operations and the financing for the acquisition of the first rental contracts is made possible thanks to the innovative securitization of rental contracts, created with the support of Banca Finint which acts as advisor, investor, and servicer of the securitization.

“The results achieved so far and the closing of this important pre-seed round represent a fundamental recognition of our strategy”, explain the founders of Rent2Cash Gianluca Fioranelli, Yilang Chen and Marco Grassi . “The idea behind our project is to revolutionize the perceived value of a property by transforming rent into immediate liquidity for owners. The trust placed in the project by leading investors made us understand that we were on the right track, an intuition confirmed by the first contracts and a thousand new contacts in a few months, which represent the validation of our business model, in a potential market that is worth over 30 billion a year in Italy alone”. And the founders conclude: “ Our commitment is to continue to innovate to offer increasingly efficient and sustainable solutions to our customers . We are already working on several commercial products, which we will launch shortly, to further revolutionize the market”.

“Participation in this initiative as an advisor, investor and servicer of securitization confirms our institution's vocation to create new solutions for the financial market, putting its skills in the creation and management of innovative and complex structured finance operations at the service of promising and cutting-edge companies”, adds Paolo Gabriele, Head of Investment Banking Financial Institution of Banca Finint . “The Rent2Cash platform represents a unique feature on the Italian market, in a segment that is still unexplored but with great growth potential. Securitization, a field in which Banca Finint boasts long-standing expertise and a leadership position on the Italian market, continues to prove to be, in Italy and abroad, the main tool that investors prefer to use to support the financial needs of companies dedicated to fintech and innovation”.

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