Dreamdata Raises a €6M Series A and Launches a B2B Alternative to Google Analytics

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  • 07.12.2022 12:10 pm

Dreamdata has successfully secured €6M in a Series A round led by signals Venture Capital with participation from existing investors InReach Ventures, Crowberry Capital, Seedcamp, Futuristic.vc, and Preseed Ventures. 

The funding will allow Dreamdata to continue to accelerate its product offerings giving B2B companies state-of-the-art insights on how they produce their revenue. In addition, Dreamdata launched a B2B alternative to Google Analytics called Digital Analytics

This new product release is very timely as EU regulators draw increasing focus on data privacy compliance. Recent examples of this development have seen EU-based companies having to consider alternative EU-centric web-tracking vendors in order to stay compliant. 

“This rise of privacy concerns amongst institutions like the EU and businesses, in general, represent a massive business potential for new vendors. With this new product, we want to be the B2B alternative to Google Analytics” Says Lars Grønnegaard , CEO at Dreamdata. 

B2B companies with their long and complex buyer journeys notoriously struggle to allocate resources effectively and do predictable growth. 

“A main reason for B2B’s struggle is because core contextual elements of doing B2B have been ignored by existing software vendors. A tool like the widely adopted Google Analytics is just not capable of describing B2B Customer Journeys.” comments CEO of Dreamdata, Lars Grønnegaard.

And he continues: “We’ve helped our customers improve anywhere from 28% to 69% of their B2B ad spend. This improvement stems from them having a radical new transparency into their customer journeys allowing them to shift their marketing investments away from campaigns that never impact revenue. The potential for improvements and growth is staggering.” 

Since raising their Seed round in the summer of 2020, Dreamdata has gone on to build a best-in-class B2B revenue attribution platform and are now adding a B2B alternative to Google Analytics to their offering. 

“B2B companies have a multitude of departments, teams, and data silos, each representing different parts of the truth,” CEO Lars Grønnegaard continues. “Dreamdata is here to help unify, clean, and sort all this data and help our customers grow.” 

Marcus Polke, Partner at signals Venture Capital: “Investing in Dreamdata was an easy choice to make. The B2B Revenue Attribution Platform category is in its infancy, and we believe that Dreamdata has the potential to be the global category leader.” 

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