The Best in Industry PAMM and MAM System for Brokers

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  • 14.01.2022 09:30 am

PAMM and MAM accounts have started to draw more attention than ever, especially during 2021 when we have seen a notable increase in interest from traders. This growth can be accounted for in several ways, perhaps not surprisingly as a result of the explosion of online trading, which has in turn, created further demand for Forex and crypto-related services from brokers. The rising situation means there has never been so much potential for attracting new business and it has undoubtedly created the perfect opportunity to offer these kinds of services to capitalise on the growing trend.


In this article, we look at what PAMM and MAM accounts are, and illustrate how you can boost your profits by offering these services to your customers. You will also be able to gain an understanding of how PAMM and MAM accounts differ from each other.


PAMM (Investment Fund)


PAMM accounts are one of the favourite kinds of accounts when it comes to money management. With PAMM accounts, all investment accounts are pooled into one big trading account and used by individuals or institutions for trading purposes. A money manager trades on this account and investors receive a profit (or loss) proportional to the size of their accounts. PAMM systems are a great option for professional or HFT traders and investment funds.


The system works whereby all statistics for trading are collected onto the leaderboard. All you need to do is enter the platform, select a money manager and make an investment. While investors are not able to trade on their investment accounts, their performance can be monitored in real time.


A PAMM account presents traders with a wonderful opportunity for investing into a trading strategy without the necessity for substantial capital. For this reason, PAMM accounts are essentially like investment funds since every investor will make a profit or loss from trades proportional to their funds. As far as investment managers are concerned, they are an ideal way to handle a number of clients in an easy-to-manage way. PAMM systems are additionally a very effective way of spreading risk between a bigger number of investors, allowing for more tolerance of short term volatility. 


MAM (Multi Account Manager)


MAM accounts assist traders with managing several trading accounts via one terminal, combining individual trader accounts into one large pool of managed funds of trader and investor accounts.


They are ideal for professional money managers who from time to time have the requirement to activate or deactivate certain investment accounts to skip new trades. A MAM account is basically a copier-based solution whereby investors retain their individual account rather than all of them being pooled into one large trading account. It is not possible for investors to trade on investment accounts, however, as they have a read-only capacity.


This type of account is an attractive solution for professional money managers already possessing an investor pool. They’re also ideal for investment funds and prop trading companies where several traders wish to manage one investment pool which in turn, can be managed using various auto or manual strategies.


Reasons for Offering a PAMM and MAM System?


Offering your clients PAMM and MAM accounts gives them another way to trade or even start a new career path with the added benefit of boosting their profits. For these reasons, they make good financial sense.


B2Broker Investment Platform 


There is a well-known system now on the market offered by leading technology & liquidity provider, B2Broker. The Investment Platform pulls together PAMM, MAM and Social Trading for Brokerage business, sometimes referred to as Copy Trading. This is where successful traders open master accounts, deposit their own funds into them and then trade in the same way as if it were a simple trading account. This unique platform offers brokerages the opportunity to boost their profits with an industry-leading, tailor-made solution. Besides assisting brokerages to draw new customers, the Investment Platform has more advantages in improving conversion and increasing traders lifetime values.


Key Features of the Investment Platform 

With B2Broker’s Investment Platform, brokers can boost their revenues with a bespoke solution which can be implemented in under a week. Some of the best features are:

  • Full integration with MT4 and MT5

  • Web interfaces giving your clients full control over their accounts 

  • History importer providing access to trading statistics in your leaderboard

  • Automatic fee payment including 5 types of fees including performance, volume and subscription

  • Widgets for a website so you can show traders' success without coding a single line of code

  • Risk management tools for your clients including maximum drawdown for investment accounts and daily risk limits for money managers

  • Admin panel and Manager’s app comprising a fully functional cabinet for investors and money managers

This PAMM/MAM & Copy Trading system has won over many leading brokers who have quickly gone on to experience greater revenues after introducing this exciting business model. Find out more about the Investment Platform offered by B2Broker and get started straight away with a lucrative investment model that will benefit both you and your clients. 


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