Leading French banking group engages AxiomSL’s comprehensive Global Shareholding Disclosure (GSD) solution

  • Fraud Detection , Compliance , Regulatory Standards
  • 24.02.2020 12:30 pm

AxiomSL, the industry’s leading provider of risk and regulatory reporting solutions, announces an agreement with a global financial institution in France to implement AxiomSL’s Global Shareholding Disclosures (GSD) solution on its data integrity and control platform, ControllerView. The firm is part of a leading Tier-1 French banking group that engages in a range of banking activities, including global asset management. It has several thousand employees globally and its clients include corporations, financial institutions (FIs), sovereigns, and supranational organizations.

Shareholding disclosure rules are inherently intricate and vary widely from one jurisdiction to another. Thus, the client seeks to industrialize its monitoring and reporting across all relevant jurisdictions on a global basis. This activity includes the identification and management of in-scope holdings, beneficial ownership, monitoring levels, and threshold and reporting triggers. AxiomSL’s ControllerView provides data-management capabilities that empower investment managers with a risk-management compliance ecosystem across the firm’s global regions on a single platform.

The GSD solution enables the firm to consolidate and aggregate reporting across its entity structure and strengthens its ability to comply with specific requirements of local regulations. Further, AxiomSL’s end-to-end GSD solution delivers a unique user-focused capability that features “desk-level” monitoring of their equity thresholds.

“AxiomSL’s GSD solution is characterized by its flexibility, automation, and transparency,” commented Gaurav Chandra, AxiomSL’s GSD Product Manager. “These elements are critical in an environment that requires FIs to aggregate – or combine – all of their ownership in a particular entity at the individual fund manager level, while others require ownership to roll up to the group entity level. Our solution enables investment managers to automate jurisdiction-specific aggregation and dis-aggregation logic while still having the flexibility to tweak specific rule interpretations, delivering a transparent, auditable governance workflow.”

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