Bats One Premium Market Data and FactSet: Five levels of Quoted depth and Trade Information are available now

  • Foreign Exchange , Data , Financial
  • 15.02.2017 11:45 am

Bats Global Markets, a progressive worldwide provider of exchanges and services for financial markets, commented that its Bats One Premium market data product is now available for distribution through numerous FactSet products and platforms. FactSet, a global supplier of integrated financial data, analytical software, and industry-leading service, this month became the first distribution partner to reveal the new offer.

Bats One Premium features five levels of real-time quoted depth and trade information across the four Bats U.S. stock exchanges, and is geared towards the sophisticated professional investor.

“We’re excited about bringing our new, premium version of Bats One to market,” said Kevin Carrai, Vice President, Market Data and Access Services, at Bats. “Professional investors are increasingly seeking access to more comprehensive stock market data and we are committed to finding new and unique ways to meet the industry’s needs.”

The four Bats U.S. equities exchanges combine to consistently make Bats the #1 exchange operator by market share for continuous trading as well as a leading destination for exchange-traded fund (ETF) trading in the U.S.

Consistent with the Bats strategy of providing data at a lower cost to the industry, the Bats One Feed is significantly less expensive than similar products on the market. Bats One Summary Feed is 60% less expensive per professional user1, about 85% less expensive for an enterprise license for professional users, and 50% lower for an enterprise license for non-professional users. The Bats One Feed can also be used as a standalone product or as a supplement to other market data products.

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