SS&C reveals Vision FI customer communications platform

  • Financial , Infrastructure
  • 24.03.2017 06:45 am

Today SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. a leader in providing financial services software and software-enabled services, announced the official release of Vision FI. 

SS&C demonstrated the Vision FI platform at The Summit for Asset Management (TSAM) in London. This revolutionary product advances the Varden eReportal platform providing SS&C's customers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for designing, producing, and distributing both online and printed client communications.

In today's highly competitive financial services market, superb and personalized client communications is a necessity. Vision FI makes it easier to deliver highly customized, timely, client communications that clearly differentiates firms from their competition.

Vision FI offers a suite of design tools, and simple drag-and-drop functionality with a highly configurable portal enabling firms to completely customize the end-client experience. The portal is fully integrated with Vision FI's workflow, so documents are instantly available once they are approved for publication. Vision FI's end-to-end workflow models and dashboards provide a flexible means for establishing the review, sign-off, and standardized path a document must complete before distribution.

"Investment management firms are now looking for client communication tools that offer flexibility, customization, and differentiation. Vision FI is responding to this need by offering dynamic content options for client presentations. Firms can deliver this information to their clients through print, email, or online via a customizable portal," said Christy Bremner, Senior Vice President, Institutional and Investment Management, SS&C. "With Vision FI, our customer's client facing staff now have the ability to quickly and easily design, publish, and schedule new reports."

Vision FI – the next generation of SS&C Varden – gives users full control over distribution specifying which documents they publish and selecting delivery methods, such as print, email, or portal access. Utilizing these custom delivery rules, users can easily manage the generation and distribution of internal and external content. More than 300 customers use SS&C solutions for client communications to cover every segment of the market, ranging from boutiques with 100 million USD in AUM to the very largest firms in the investment management world, managing over 1 trillion USD.

"Adox's Follow the Money research shows that the client communications market is at a crossroads. Almost 30% of managers are as concerned about completeness of feature/function as they are about suppliers' service and support capabilities," said Gert Raeves, lead research director at Adox Research. "That is an unusual combination and shows that this is by no means a commoditized market. Functionality matters a lot, and solution providers are addressing this by combining end-user empowerment with deep feature/function specialization and more scalable deployment options." 

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