Pannovate Announces New Collaboration with KKO in Mexico

  • Financial
  • 09.03.2021 05:27 pm

Pannovate, an established and award winning digital solution provider for the financial services sector, announced the successful partnership launch with, KKO. A key strategic step for both companies. KKO has selected Pannovate’s fully customisable front end application, Launchpad, to develop a new challenger bank offering in Mexico. KKO is an innovative new programme owner looking to provide an fresh new digital bank for young professionals wanting a banking product the more matches their lifestyles and priorities.

“We are very excited to be working with KKO on this new project in Mexico. Launchpad is entirely the right fit to create the outstanding user journey and user experience this demanding segment is looking for.”

Pavle Ljujic, CEO and Founder, Pannovate

The Launchpad range highlights Pannovate’s ability to answer market demand with a turn-key solution for customers looking to go to market quickly and cost effectively. To this day, Launchpad is unique. It is the first app to be designed for the payments industry, by a payments expert, in-house, rather than a classic app builder with no knowledge or experience in the payments industry. Pannovate’s dedication to excellence is evidenced in the slick and attractive user interface in all Launchpad products, that satisfies even the most exacting consumer demands.

All Launchpad products have a digital first infrastructure, meaning frequent releases of new and improved functionality, delivered effectively with close collaboration with our clients and partners. This symbiotic relationship integrates consumer demand into the development cycle so that Launchpad can anticipate functionality changes.

“KKO resonates with Pannovate’s vision to create exceptional digital experiences that make life easy for our customers. At KKO we look to offer a digital banking product with features and benefits that exceed our customer’s expectations well in to the future.”

Laurent Julien Gandoulf KKO Managing Director

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