Hudson Fintech and Oracle Partner, 1066NOW, Collaborate to Enhance Product Coverage and Extend Distribution

  • Financial , Technical
  • 09.07.2021 10:10 am

Hudson Fintech, the London-based Capital Markets technology firm, has partnered with 1066NOW, an Oracle Partner, to make the Hudson Edge platform available to financial institutions using Oracle’s suite of products.

Under the strategic partnership, 1066NOW’s Banking Integration Application (BIA) will enable easy and quick adoption of the Hudson Edge platform for Financial Markets’ institutions across a wide range of use cases and applications. The Edge platform resolves the issues faced by financial institutions when seeking flexibility, product enhancements, lower costs, faster deployment cycles and independence from fixed data models. 

“It was always our vision to extend the Hudson Edge platform to encompass a wider set of solutions outside our core products in the areas of Repo and alternative asset management. A recent example was the launch of the Hudson Trade Hospital for post trade optimisation,” said Michael Walliss, CEO of Hudson Fintech. “As we further extend coverage, we are delighted to be working with the team at 1066NOW to bring their deep Oracle Middleware and Project Engagement expertise to users of the Edge platform, to seamlessly integrate into existing Financial applications landscape”.

He added, “This shows the power of the Hudson Edge platform, where we are able to apply its unique features to a wide number of different use cases, which help leverage existing and installed components that financial institutions use as a core part of their businesses.”

“At 1066NOW we see numerous benefits for our clients utilising the unique Entity Components System (ECS) architecture offered by the Hudson Edge platform, as we include it within our BIA solution,” said John Collett, Founder and CEO of 1066NOW. “This partnership will enable seamless integration into the Oracle customer base within Financial Markets and solves many issues faced by Financial Institutions, using both On-Premise and Hybrid Cloud technical architectures.” 

He added, "This represents an exciting new phase in 1066NOW’s growth and development taking Hudson’s leading Financial services solution to benefit Oracle customers and enabling Digital Transformation”.

Hudson is the first Fintech to use ECS in Capital Markets. ECS is an advanced system architecture, supporting a flexible data model and independent workflows,  which allows for the adding and upgrading of functionality without impacting the existing code base, hence requiring minimal testing, while always adhering to coding best practices. This guarantees the software will be extendable, easy to maintain, and cost-effective in years to come rather than evolving into a costly and unmanageable problem.

1066NOW BIA is an integration and enablement solution that utilises Oracle Middleware technology for integration, performance and availability to provide the most robust and respondent capabilities needed for Financial systems and applications. This approach provides economies of scale to reduce cost across the enterprise and provide excellent and robust support structure globally required by Financial Markets’ participants. 1066NOW’s BIA can be implemented On-Premise or in the Cloud (Public, Private and Hybrid). 

For bank CIO’s looking to solve specific problems within their trading solutions where cost effective, simple to use and highly scalable solutions are important, the combination of 1066NOW BIA incorporating the Hudson Edge platform offers many unique benefits.


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