Cognitive Credit launches application to transform corporate credit analysis for global investors

  • Financial
  • 09.10.2019 10:26 am

Today, Cognitive Credit, an enterprise software company focused on the global corporate credit market, launches its data-driven analytics application custom-designed for institutional credit investors. Corporate credit is one of the world’s largest investment markets, at over USD10 trillion, yet has seen limited technological innovation over the past decade compared to other asset classes.

Cognitive Credit offers institutional investors a modern and intuitive web-based application that delivers the most accurate fundamental data in the market and a suite of advanced features that enable more insightful and efficient analysis.

All fundamental data in the application is generated by Cognitive Credit’s proprietary machine reading technology. Web-hosted financial spreadsheet models provide years of annual and interim financial data, supplemented with derived credit metrics, forecasting functionality, data visualization tools, text search capabilities, and auto-generated credit memos. Data is always a single click away from its source, ensuring that it is of the highest integrity and easily auditable.

By simplifying the time-consuming and expensive process of data management, credit investors can now prioritize more advanced analysis and respond to new information more quickly. Other features in the application support improved communication and collaboration across the entire investment team, and mobile accessibility means clients are now never separated from their most important information.

To drive innovation in the industry, Cognitive Credit assembled its team two years ago by bringing together finance experts with backgrounds in accounting, market analysis, and asset management and technology experts coming from the fields of machine learning, document analysis, high frequency electronic markets, and cloud computing.

Robert Slater, CEO and Founder of Cognitive Credit said, “We are thrilled to launch our application to the institutional market today. Corporate credit investors have long been frustrated by the lack of technological innovation in their asset class. Over the years I’ve had countless conversations with credit professionals disappointed by poorly designed tools and frustrated with the inefficiency of manual, repetitive processes in their industry. Cognitive Credit was established to empower credit investors to be more insightful and efficient through advanced technology and thoughtful product design. In developing this application, our team has received ongoing feedback from a wide range of market participants, and this tremendous support has resulted in a product that we see as a game changer for global credit investors.”

Cognitive Credit counts among its shareholders Pentech Ventures, an investor in category leading software companies. Marc Moens, Partner at Pentech, commented on today’s product launch, "At Pentech, we look for software companies that use advanced technologies to define new products in their chosen market. When we met the team at Cognitive Credit we were immediately impressed with the way they combine their substantial expertise in institutional credit markets with a deep knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data handling. The way their product captures, structures, analyses, verifies and displays complex data is unique, and we are excited to support them in establishing their company as a technology leader in the global corporate credit market."


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