Energetický a Průmyslový Holding Selects OpenLink to Expand Cross Border Trading Across Europe

  • 04.08.2015 01:00 am

OpenLink, the global leader in trading and risk management solutions to the energy, commodities, corporate, and financial services industries, today announced that Energetický a Průmyslový Holding (EPH) has selected its flagship energy trading and risk management solution, Endur, for gas and power as EPH seeks to capitalize on increased opportunities in the European wholesale and retail markets.

EPH is a vertically integrated energy group including over 40 companies in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland and with recent acquisitions also in the UK, Italy and Hungary. The group represents one of the largest coal mining and electricity generation groups in Germany, a leader of the combined heat and power sector in the Czech Republic, and a core player in the Slovak gas and power market. In Italy, thanks to the acquisition of CCGT power plants with a total production capacity of almost 4500 MW, the group is viewed as one of the largest foreign investors to recently enter this market. With the establishment of a new company, EP Commodities, the group is going to significantly enhance its wholesale gas trading activities across the region, from Czech and Slovak VTPs as far as the Dutch TTF or Italian PSV. Another EPH company, EP Energy Trading, counts as one of the largest alternative suppliers of both commodities to end customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and a very active power market maker both on the Czech PXE and German EEX.

As multinational energy companies servicing the European market contend with regulatory reform, clean energy demands, and reduced prices – EPH is expanding its servicing of the local market, and capitalizing on the volatility with the introduction of a new trading and risk management platform, Endur from OpenLink. OpenLink will deliver a packaged solution, rapidly providing the key components of an established power and gas trading system, regarded as being the industry standard in the region – used by the largest and most sophisticated tier one traders.

Daniel Pexidr, Managing Director, EP Commodities said: “OpenLink was selected after a competitive pitch process, and we are confident that the offering of a standard content delivery model will make our investment smooth and realized soon. We are pleased to be partnering with a leader, and looking forward to a successful implementation.”

Harry Nota, Head of Energy, EMEA, OpenLink commented: “EPH have an exciting ambition to challenge the larger players in the region, and we are delighted to support their vision, providing a solution which will enable improved efficiency and value across many areas of its trading operations.”

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