Splio Acquires Startup Gowento and Integrates Mobile Wallets Into its Marketing Platform

  • E-Wallets , M&A Deals
  • 08.11.2018 07:48 am
  • The Mobile Wallets market is booming: the European rollout of Google Pay, Apple Pay's new product announcements, Samsung Pay launched last spring, and WeChat Pay is already a massive success in China. 
  • With Mobile Wallets, marketers can finally get into the Millennial mobile-first era by moving from post-app to the Mobile Moments phase. 
  • The benefits for marketers? Modernize the customer relationship by finally placing mobile at the heart of customer communications, engaging customers, anytime and anyplace.  

Splio is proud to announce today the acquisition of the French tech startup Gowento, the Mobile Customer Engagement platform. Splio adds the high-growth startup to become a major mobile CRM player and to lead the way to modernized customer relationships. Highly inspired by its deep knowledge of the Chinese market and by WeChat, Splio pursues its product development strategy around New Loyalty by adding Mobile Wallets to its omnichannel marketing platform.

"With this first acquisition, Splio changes the industry landscape and sends a clear message to the European market. While China and the USA have made advances when it comes to Mobile Wallets, today Splio stands out in Europewith the integration of the Gowento's technology. A brand can now place mobile at the heart of its New Loyalty strategy and modernize the customer relationship without a third-party and without the need to download an app" said Mireille Messine, Chief Executive Officer, Splio.

"The smartphone is the main interaction point between a brand and consumers, and more precisely its customers. With over 2.5 million apps available on the market and an average of twelve apps used regularly per consumer, the smartphone has become a high priority in a brand's CRM strategy. We built Gowento to respond to this challenge by using apps already available in smartphones, such as Apple Wallet, Google Pay or Google Chrome and Samsung Internet," explains Rabye Marouene, CEO and co-founder of Gowento.

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