BlueSnap Partners with BigTime Software to Deliver Enhanced Online Payment Experiences for Global Professional Services Organizations

  • e-Payments
  • 14.09.2023 02:55 pm

BlueSnap, a global payment orchestration platform of choice for leading B2B and B2C businesses, has partnered with BigTime Software, the leading operating platform for professional services organizations, to bring online payment and financial management capabilities to customers around the world.

Powered by BlueSnap’s payment processing technology, BigTime will extend the availability of BigTime Wallet, its award-winning payments solution, to small and mid-sized professional services organizations in Canada seeking optimized financial management, streamlined accounts receivable (AR) processes, and efficient online payment capabilities to enhance cash flow and client interactions.

“Even though paper-based checks slow payment and AR processes and present a range of hidden costs and security risks, they continue to be the primary form of payment used by Canada’s professional services companies today,” said Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO at BlueSnap. “By enabling the availability of BigTime Wallet in Canada through this partnership, we’re helping BigTime meet the demands of clients in need of modernized, online payment and financial management capabilities.”

BigTime Software provides industry-leading time tracking, billing, and project management software to empower professional services organizations with enhanced operational efficiency. Canadian organizations that adopt BigTime Wallet will be able to leverage BlueSnap technology to process payments via their customers' preferred method, resulting in an improved invoice and billing experience for their clients and an increase in time to revenue. Moreover, Canadian businesses will have the advantage of utilizing a client portal integrated within BigTime, facilitating seamless and secure communication with customers.

According to reports, B2B companies offering multiple payment options within an integrated payments experience can see as much as a 30% boost in revenue. With BigTime Wallet, finance leaders can align automated accounts receivable processes with improved speed, security, and cost-effectiveness to enhance cash flow and drive profit growth. Concurrently, operations and project managers can optimize financial operations for seamless project execution and efficient financial management.

"Simplifying the payment process to expedite cash flow is a shared priority among professional service firms,” said Mark Johnson, Chief Product Officer at BigTime. “Our partnership with BlueSnap now extends this service to Canada, offering fully integrated payments, invoicing, and accounting reconciliation for our customers in that market."

In addition to the existing features available to all BigTime Wallet customers, Canadian organizations will also have access to exclusive benefits such as a Pre-Authorized Debit payment option, which eliminates payment size limits, reduces the likelihood of payment failures, and contributes to a decrease in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), enhancing financial management and cash flow.

"Upgrading to BigTime was a great step forward in streamlining and modernizing our software landscape. When we heard about Wallet coming to Canada, we were excited,” said Miles A. Purvis, CMSE, President at ProSafe Inc. “We are not a point-of-sale type business, so cash flow is always an ongoing concern. We provide any means we can to make paying an invoice as easy as possible for clients, and we anticipate Wallet becoming another mainstream option."

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