Transparency of P2P Platforms is a Priority for 40% of Investors

  • E-Commerce
  • 06.03.2020 09:46 am
A recent survey conducted by the P2P platform among European P2P investors has shown that transparency plays a key role for them. Thus, 40.7% of respondents said that they rely on this criterion when choosing a P2P platform for investing.
17.3% of respondents mentioned that they pay much attention to the availability of buyback guarantee, 11.3% - to the diversification between loan originators and types of loans, and 8.7% - to the market experience of a platform. Interestingly, only 6.9% of investors said that the most important criterion for them is high interest rates offered by a platform. Less popular responses included feedback of other investors (4.8%) and automated investing process (4.3%).
Analysts of the company point out that there have been changes in investors’ preferences since 2018. Thus, during a similar survey conducted by in 2018, the majority of them emphasized the importance of automated investment. In 2019, their focus changed to security of funds. 
Experts explain that automation is no longer a priority for investors as most P2P services offer this option today. At the same time, the importance of platforms’ security and reliability has increased over the past two years. One of the reasons can be recent events in the P2P industry including collapses and sudden closures of platforms in Europe. This assumption is supported by the fact that the majority of investors (93%) monitor news of the P2P market on a regular basis. In case of negative events, 53.7% of them become more careful and do better research before investing.  
The survey was launched by in February, 2020. In total, it involved 230 European P2P investors. 

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