Ecommerce Data Specialist Conjura Launches Due Diligence Product for Investors and Businesses Preparing to Fund Raise

  • E-Commerce
  • 13.04.2021 04:39 pm

Ecommerce data specialist Conjura has launched a new data due diligence service, Snapshot. This allows businesses preparing for a funding round to assess the customer data they hold. This can be used to demonstrate current performance and also identify potential growth opportunities. Conversely, Snapshot can be used by investors to audit and analyse granular transaction level business data to help them decide whether to invest or not.

Conjura Snapshot plugs in direct to the APIs of the majority of cloud-based tools and systems used by ecommerce businesses to provide an overview of online/offline sales, customer marketing, product development and stock management.

It anonymises customer data and automates the analysis of unit economics on a granular transactional and product level. This enables users to review factors like revenue, gross margin, sessions, conversion rate, customer acquisition cost, repurchase rate, customer lifetime value and so-on on a forensic level. The metrics can then be broken down by territory, channel, device, product category and more.

Fran Quilty, CEO of Conjura, says: “Due diligence ahead of an investment or acquisition has traditionally been conducted around four pillars – legal, operational, commercial and technical. Any data analysed within this process was completed manually and was not ‘live’ – typically it would be at least two to three months old – as we know, a lot can change in three months."

“Snapshot changes the game, for the first time investors can pull objective insights direct to benchmark the target’s performance against its peers. Equally, any ecommerce business looking for funding needs to demonstrate it has a clear handle on data processes. Snapshot gives them the means to get their data house in order and make a clear case for investment before they initiate conversations with investors.”

Having the opportunity to review business metrics at a customer, cohort, product or industry level provides valuable insights into current performance. Snapshot offers revenue contextualisation by looking at metrics that businesses may previously have neglected, it can be used to expose risk, validate KPIs and uncover fresh opportunities for growth.

Fran Quilty continues: “The ecommerce space is consolidating fast so there are a lot of businesses looking for growth funding to stay ahead of the game. This means investors are spoilt for choice but they need to be sure they’ll see a return on their investment. Revenue figures in isolation don’t tell the full story though, Snapshot gives them an easier way to spot the red flags for why they shouldn’t invest."

“Ecommerce businesses and investors alike need to be able to disprove qualitative assumptions about customers, acquisition channels and so on. Snapshot is a single source of truth, it joins the dots between marketing and operations to answer questions you didn’t even know you had and reveals where growth will actually come from.”

Conjura is able to provide Snapshot due diligence reports within seven working days, for more information please visit

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