Dion Global to Expand Disrupt Trading and Risk Management in Australia

  • Risk Management
  • 23.11.2015 00:00 am

Dion Global, the financial technology firm for capital markets, announced its official launch in Australia this week.

Dion Global Solutions delivers improved equity and options trading and risk management to retail banks and stockbrokers, financial advisers and the online trading community. Providing adviser desktop, tablet and mobile devices or a combination of all three, Dion’s Trading suite seamlessly integrates with portfolio and back office systems providing CRM “Productivity tools” for advisers to better service their clients.

Their mobile trading solution, the first of its kind in Australia, delivers sophisticated trading services, once the preserve of the big banks, at a price point small and medium sized brokers can afford. These services can also be white labeled to allow small broking firms to offer branded trading portals to their clients comparable to those on offer from the biggest participants in the retail trading market.

The firm is targeting tier one and two brokerage firms as well as retail and investment banks, said Country Manager Australia & New Zealand, Simon Smyth. The firm recently implemented its trading solution at Hartleys Securities.

“Despite Australia’s sophistication, most of the market is running on overpriced, antiquated technology that does not offer a good experience to the ultimate retail investor,” he said. “There really hasn’t been a viable alternative until now and we plan to leverage our strengths to go aggressively after a large chunk of market share. We have already signed some significant contracts and we are growing our teams in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.”

Hartleys is using its Dion’s TradeCentre product to trade equities, run their client website and now provide mobile capabilities to their advisers. Charles Ransom, CEO, said the new system provided great advantages for the firm and its clients.

“TradeCentre is a more intuitive product with outstanding audit and compliance capabilities,” he said. “Obviously the more efficiently we’re able to trade, the better the results for our clients. As a firm we are always reviewing our technology to make sure our operations are as efficient as possible and offer the best results to our customers. Dion has provided some excellent improvements to us in this regard.”

Dion’s mobile trading application has already been taken up by a large Australian institution. The application is a secure, intuitive, real-time trading app that operates from a ‘golden source of truth’ so that trading and holding information is instantly accessible to the user and anyone they give access to, such as their financial adviser or broker. It’s compatible with smartphones, tablets and desktops and can be easily white-labeled so that brokerage and wealth management firms can offer proprietary trading applications under their own brands.

“This market has been crying out for a viable alternative for trading and risk and we are it,” Smyth said. “The Australian retail trading environment has been lagging its peers for a long time now, but the technology is readily available to give Australians as good a trading experience as you can get anywhere in the world. We have had a great reception so far and look forward to growing rapidly over the next 12 months.”

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