TransUnion Named ‘Best in Class’ Identity Proofing Scorecard, Enterprise Solutions

  • Digital Identity , Fraud Detection
  • 09.12.2020 06:38 pm

TransUnion has been named Best in Class among enterprise identity proofing vendors, after Javelin evaluated and ranked 26 enterprise technology providers.

Mitigation of identity fraud requires a combination of technologies that compliment one another and are easy to manage. Adding a new technology solution requires looking beyond fraud management to the customer experience, including all stages of the customer lifecycle. It is critical to have safe and secure onboarding, but identity management also needs to enable access and step-up authentication and bind the identity to the account — all while preventing account takeover, new-account fraud and synthetic identity fraud.

Key questions discussed in this report:

  • What technologies are available that provide protection against account takeover and new-account fraud?
  • What capabilities are available to fraud operations units for managing identity proofing technologies?
  • Is the industry prepared for these changes in digital fraud?

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