GBG Launches GO-no-code Onboarding for Optimised Customer Experience

  • Digital Identity
  • 19.10.2022 11:40 am

GBG, the global expert in digital identity, has today launched GBG GO, its third-generation simple, cloud-hosted solution that enables businesses of all sizes to verify the identity of new customers. GO provides ready-to-go customer journey templates, an easy, drag-and-drop journey builder, and a smooth UI editor with a built-in customer consent check, enabling organisations to go to market in minutes, not days. 

In today’s digital world, organisations from start-ups to the largest global brands need to deliver seamless, secure onboarding experiences so everyone can transact online with confidence. With eCommerce at record levels and fraud increasing in a tough economic climate, it has never been more vital for businesses to know their customers and increase customer acquisition while reducing costs and meeting compliance requirements. 

Optimised customer onboarding journeys 

GO takes prospective customers on a dynamic, decision-driven journey, fast-tracking low-risk customers and taking higher-risk customers on a more secure route. Secure identity document proofing, data verification and AI-powered decisions come together to help businesses minimize risk, meet compliance, fight fraud and grow their customer base.  

Businesses can deploy GO as an end-to-end, cloud-hosted customer onboarding solution, or enhance their existing identity verification process, plugging into GBG’s award‑winning identity proofing and fraud prevention technologies, 350+ global identity data sets and an ID document library that covers over 200 countries and territories around the world.  
GO, Analytics monitors, journey times, drop-off rates and screen performance helping businesses to optimise the customer experience. GO also monitors the number of customers being automatically accepted, rejected or sent for manual review, helping businesses safely balance risk and customer conversion, achieve higher onboarding rates and grow revenue. The use of Adaptive Data and Document-centric templates provide whatever level of assurance is needed, without any unnecessary friction. 

Nick Brown, Group Managing Director at GBG comments: “We’re delighted to release GBG GO, which not only helps our customers with stretched IT resources deploy a great consumer onboarding experience in a matter of minutes but is also a gateway to orchestrate GBG’s market-leading international identity and fraud capability. We’ve concentrated on making the product intuitive and easy to deploy, but without compromising on the privacy standards that consumers should expect when accessing services online.” 

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