Validis Unveils Updated Brand, Reflecting Singular Focus on Connecting Financial Data

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  • 19.09.2023 12:10 pm

Validis, a leader in financial data connection, is thrilled to announce an exciting rebranding initiative that marks a significant milestone in the company’s evolution. The updated brand system includes a striking new mark, modern color palette, tone, and imagery, all reflected in a ground-up rebuild of its website and digital assets. Combined, these efforts reinforce Validis’ commitment to its customers in the global Accounting and Financial Services markets. 

About the Updated Brand

Our new look, born from our unwavering dedication to data, encapsulates the essence of our mission. The vibrant and striking colors resonate with the energy and dynamism that define our approach to financial data. Our sleek and minimalist logo serves as a symbol of our commitment to clarity and precision in our services.

Furthermore, our straightforward message, "we get financial data," succinctly captures our expertise and proficiency in this domain, reaffirming our dedication to empowering our clients with accurate and actionable insights. Complementing these visual elements, our revamped website serves as a digital gateway to showcase the remarkable transformations our clients are experiencing in their respective industries.

“Over and over, our customers have shown us that they value our attention to detail when it comes to getting financial data in their hands,” said Michael Turner, CEO of Validis.

“It is exciting that our branding now reflects that dedication to their success. I’m very proud of the team that is delivering on that promise every day.”

Validis clients are sharing our sentiment of our new brand, including Jim Bourke of Withum:

“I love it! It screams data! Data is at the core of everything we do!”

We're obviously delighted to hear this!

"Our mission is to help auditors, financial institutions, insurers and fintechs connect to their customers' accounting data. It's what we live and breathe and today marks a milestone in our journey in achieving this at scale." said Michael.

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