Tungsten Expands Supplier Invoice Submission Options with Email In Service

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  • 22.07.2021 01:30 pm

Tungsten Corporation plc, a leading provider of digital financial  management products and software solutions, is pleased to announce the launch  of Email In, a new PDF invoice submission service available for suppliers on  Tungsten’s network.  

Email In uses Artificial Intelligence to extract and validate data within the PDF file  attachment. The service offers semi-automation to eliminate manual inputs,  saving time and cost for both supplier and buyer. With each invoice, the data  extraction accuracy improves, increasing speed. Getting started requires no  technical team support and suppliers can track invoice status at every stage of  the process.  

The Email In service complements the currently available portal Web Form and  Integrated Supplier submission options. All supplier submission options include a  complex rules engine to ensure invoices meet regulatory, regional, and buyer  requirements.  

Marisa Teh, Chief Product Officer for Tungsten Corporation, sai: “Today, a large percent of invoices are still delivered via PDF. We’re delighted to offer our suppliers  a way to maintain that level of convenience while adding true e-invoicing value.  Email In is free to set up and offers a flexible “pay as you go” model."

“Email In is a complementary product that sits alongside our core offering, further  broadening our product base and adding to the functionality of the Tungsten  Network. Pilot customer response has been outstanding, and we anticipate this  launch will further increase supplier onboarding rates across the network”. 


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