TruSight Announces Integration with ServiceNow to Streamline Risk Assessment Workflow for Financial Institutions

  • Data , Risk Management
  • 08.02.2022 03:35 pm

TruSight, the financial industry’s leading provider of validated third-party risk data, today announced the availability of a new integration with ServiceNow Vendor Risk Management (see here). By integrating its utility with ServiceNow, TruSight aims to improve the efficiency of its customers’ third-party risk management (TPRM)-related workflows.

The integration enables joint customers to utilize TruSight’s consumption API directly within ServiceNow’s industry-leading cloud-based platform, the Now Platform®, to ingest validated third-party risk data. The integration benefits both third parties and their customers. Third parties continue to maintain full control over their data, ensuring that only those customers who have been approved are granted access to their assessments while gaining an opportunity to attract new customers with no additional effort.

The integration provides a single-portal solution for customers who utilize the Now Platform® for their TPRM activities, enabling more efficient access to TruSight’s third-party risk assessment data and the ability to comment on third-party control gaps without interrupting workflow. By streamlining access to critical risk data, the integration helps companies accelerate supplier onboarding. 

“We are proud to be the first assessment data provider to integrate with ServiceNow,” said David Hayman, vice president of technology at TruSight. “We have designed this integration to fit into our customers’ existing workflows as seamlessly as possible. And this is just the start – we will be continuing to build out additional functionality, including full catalog integration, assessment status integration, and product ordering, among other capabilities.”

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