Smarter Contracts Leads by Example in Helping People and Businesses Take More Control Over Their Data

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  • 08.07.2021 05:30 pm

Smarter Contracts, a privacy software company that provides tools that allow businesses and individuals to take more control over their data, today announced that it has successfully passed the first stage of its ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications. The company is being supported throughout the process by Assured Clarity, a global consultancy that specialises in risk management and data privacy.             

The two international standards are awarded to companies in recognition of an organisation’s information security and quality management systems. Having only begun trading in 2019, achieving the first stage of these ISO certifications at such an early stage in their history indicates a strong commitment from the Smarter Contracts team towards building a business which is managed and measured against the highest standards of operational excellence and technological resilience.

Chief Delivery Officer, Neelam Patel, states: “Smarter Contracts is looking to set new standards in how businesses use technology to improve data privacy. Being measured against these ISO standards at such an early stage in our history ensures there is a culture of excellence firmly embedded within the heart of our organisation. As we grow the team and expand our client base, we wanted to ensure that our customers are in no doubt that those high standards are woven into everything we do.”

Smarter Contracts has reached this important milestone with the support of Assured Clarity. The consultancy was chosen following a rigorous selection process. Patel continues: “As a business centered around trust and transparency, choosing the right partner to help guide us through this was really important. We evaluated several companies and Assured Clarity came out top against every aspect of the criteria we’d set out. We look forward to continue working with the Assured Clarity team as we look towards achieving the other ISO standards that we are also focused on attaining.”

Assured Clarity is an Allowlist preferred supplier who support organisations in achieving international standards and regulatory compliance in relation to information security and data protection. CEO of Assured Clarity, Carolyn Harrison, comments: “We have been extremely impressed by how forward thinking Smarter Contracts has been in making such an early commitment to achieving their ISO certifications so early in their companies history. In doing so they are creating a blueprint for other fledgling businesses with big ambitions to follow.” 

The fourth and final stage of Smarter Contracts ISO 27001 and ISO9001 accreditations will be completed in October 2021. 


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