SAP Big Data Integrator by DigitalRoute Enhances SAP Portfolio

  • Data , Infrastructure
  • 16.02.2016 12:00 pm

DigitalRoute, the leading provider of enterprise data management since 1999, today announced that the big data integrator solution will be added to the global reseller agreement with SAP (NYSE: SAP). The SAP(R) Big Data Integrator solution by DigitalRoute enhances the SAP portfolio for the telecommunications industry by enabling the real-time integration of network and operations support systems (OSS) data. The solution will help communications service providers (CSPs) to more effectively leverage their network data so they can increase revenues and reduce costs. The DigitalRoute high performance data injection engine provides vital data pre-processing before it is fed into the SAP(R) HANA platform.

SAP Big Data Integrator by DigitalRoute is designed to capture raw data from a range of network technologies, including 2/3/4G mobile, fixed and optical. CSPs can take advantage of holistic behaviour insights by correlating network data with customer and business data, thereby enriching operational data with revenue management data. This will help CSPs to stay ahead of competition. With increased insight into which services are used and when and where they are used, carriers can empower marketing and service operation teams to create, sell and monitor new services.

Key features of SAP Big Data Integrator by DigitalRoute include:


  • Data capture - directing information to SAP landscape based on data temperature and relevance
  • Complex session overview - turning raw customer usage data into business critical information
  • Real-time data - reacting to fast changing business conditions

"Telcos are facing tsunamis of data on a daily basis, and can realize great value from that data if they are able to quickly process, access and analyze it," said Stephan Gatien, global vice president, telecommunications industry, SAP. "By partnering with DigitalRoute, we are able to bring to our customers a solution that gives them the ability to unlock the value of their network and billing data more rapidly. The combination of SAP HANA's real time data processing, enhanced by DigitalRoute's high performance data injection engine, is a truly unique solution in the market."

DigitalRoute's Data Integration technology has led the telco market for over 15 years and is used in over 350 deployments globally. Commented Ulf Zettersten, DigitalRoute's head of partner relationships: "We are excited to announce the availability of the SAP Big Data Integrator by DigitalRoute. The solution solves an inherent telco challenge which is taking data out of traditional siloes and enriching it to power far more effective analytics. DigitalRoute and SAP are committed to working together to provide telcos with an offering to predict outages and help enable to reduce operational cost and potential revenue loss, and to identify network fraud thus reducing revenue and margin leakage."

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