RIMES Adds Trench Of New Data Sources To Meet Buy-side Requirements

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  • 09.07.2015 01:00 am

RIMES, the leading provider of managed data services for the buy-side, today announced a number of new data sources in its portfolio, which were added in the first half of 2015. RIMES has introduced these new sources in response to demand from asset managers’ and asset owners’ customers.

With buy-side firms’ reliance on data growing overall, RIMES consistently meets the demand for new indexes by continually refreshing and updating its portfolio. More than 20 new data sources have been added since the beginning of the year, bringing the total to over 800 datasets from nearly 200 data partners.

Alessandro Ferrari, Global Head of Marketing RIMES, said: “With the buy-side presenting an ever complex array of data requirements, RIMES is experiencing greater take up of our award winning managed data services. We are constantly innovating and growing our capabilities to meet the individual needs of our customers.”

The strength of RIMES to meet the needs of its customers comes as a result of the ability to offer bespoke and individualized datasets. Ferrari added: “No two firms use the same data. Last year, around half of the data we managed on RIMES on behalf of our customers had some element of customization. We believe we will exceed that figure this year.”

RIMES is a buy-side specialist that truly understands the data management challenges faced by its clients. It serves over 250 investment managers, hedge funds, wealth managers, private banks, custodian banks, insurance companies and pension funds in 40 countries including 60 of the 100 largest global asset managers and 8 of the 10 largest custodians by TAUM.

The most recently added data sources to the RIMES portfolio are:

Alternative Benchmarks

Forsyth Barr Australia Utilities and Infrastructure Index

Morningstar Asset Allocation Indices


S&P 500 Dynamic VEQTOR Index


Morningstar Commodity Indices

Economic Data

Eurostat GDP Data

Equity Global Benchmarks

BNY Mellon Depositary Receipt Indices

FTSE Mid Day Indices

Morningstar Global Equity Indices

NASDAQ DWA (Dorsey Wright) Indices


Equity Local Benchmarks

Bahrain Bourse Indices

JPX-Nikkei Index 400

MSCI Overseas China Indices

Fixed Income Global Benchmarks

Barclays MSCI Green Bonds Indices

Morningstar Fixed Income Indices

S&P Global Dev. Sovereign Inflation-Linked Bond Indices

Fixed Income Local Benchmarks

ChinaBond Indices

iBoxx USD Liquid Leveraged Loans Indices

IJG Namibian All Bond Indices

Thomson Reuters BPA Malaysian Sukuk Indices

Private Equity

S&P BDC Indices



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