Pendo Systems Surpasses Two Major Milestones on Their Path to Growth

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  • 01.05.2017 03:00 pm

Pendo Systems is proud to announce they’ve surpassed two major milestones as they prepare for their formal launch in Q3 2017: the successful completion of their first full deployment of the Pendo Data Platform for a major Global Bank; and their certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).

Even ahead of its imminent launch, the Pendo Platform has garnered both recognition and awards such as the Swift Innotribe Top Innovator Award in 2015. Commenting on Pendo’s continued success since accepting the Innotribe Award, Kevin Johnson, Head of Innotribe Innovation Programmes, SWIFT, had this to say:"Where only 10% of all FinTech companies survive after 3 years of operation, over 90% of Innotribe's alumni are still operational or have been acquired. This validates our methodology in selecting the best start-ups, and we are proud to count Pendo Systems as one of our key success stories."

The Pendo Platform revolutionizes the process of accessing data stored across millions of different document types. The Platform is used to gain access and insight to both structured and unstructured data sets, but it is the speed and accuracy with which the Platform can make unstructured data accessible that’s really turning heads.

At the heart of the Pendo Platform is an Indexing and Classification algorithm that makes the data instantly searchable using natural search, thus turning millions of unstructured, and unsearchable documents into a structured database that makes visible mission critical information which was previously both difficult, and time-consuming to access.

On a recently completed project for a major global bank, the Pendo Platform processed 48 million unstructured documents in just seven weeks, making them instantly accessible and easily searchable — a project that had previously been expected to take four years and an army of consultants to complete.

Says Pendo Systems CEO, Pam Pecs Cytron, “The fact of the matter is, data you can’t access or interrogate adds cost to an organization, it’s only when you turn that data into information that you’re able to extract maximum value from it. That’s the beauty of our
platform, access to the data you need to save your business money.”

Pendo Systems is also proud to announce they have been certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the US. The WBENC certification process imposes strict requirements to prove a business is woman-owned and managed before granting certification. The primary criteria for a business applying for WBENC certification are that it has a majority female ownership (at least 51% by one or more women) and is managed by women. In addition, women must have unrestricted control of the business, and the highest defined title in the company’s legal documents must be held by a woman.

Pendo is helmed by Pam Pecs Cytron, a veteran financial services executive who serves as Pendo’s CEO and Founder“We are thrilled that Pendo has earned this honor. The certification process is appropriately rigorous and takes into account many factors including the growth and trajectory of the company,” said Mrs. Pecs Cytron.




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