MioTech Partners with Silverhorn to Redefine Big Data for Asset Management

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  • 10.07.2017 10:00 am

Mioying Technology (MioTech), a big data solutions provider for asset management firms, announced today an agreement with Silverhorn Investment Advisors to deliver its industry-leading big data asset management platform in assistance of managing Silverhorn's client assets. According to Jason Tu, CEO and Co-founder of MioTech, the AI-enabled asset management platform will enhance Silverhorn's Client investing experience to a new level and will also revolutionize the financial industry in Hong Kong, transforming the way financial institutions visualize and analyze data in an elegant and unique way.

Headquartered in Hong Kong and with offices in Beijing and Zurich, Silverhorn is a leading wealth management boutique with a core focus in Asia. "We look forward to our collaboration with MioTech," said Mike Imam, Managing Partner & CEO of Silverhorn. "Their innovative platform gives us the ability to visualize our sophisticated investment philosophy and share the outcome with our clients on the same platform. This will help to facilitate insightful and focused conversations with our clients in a way that no others could."

Financial institutions store and process terabytes of market and transactions data every second, mostly through excel and outdated systems. MioTech's cutting-edge graph database allows asset managers to integrate custodian, fund admin, market price, as well as micro and macroeconomics data to form a complete knowledge map. Based on its knowledge map, the technology allows parallel computing on a massive scale, substantially improving data processing capacity for financial institutions. MioTech also builds its AI-enabled analytics engine to provide in-depth insights into investments and portfolios at every level and from any angle, making it easier for investment managers to make data-driven decisions.

According to Silverhorn, MioTech's white-labeled solution makes it stand out from other industry players. With complete flexibility, each investment manager can define its own universe within the system to deliver Silverhorn's "Intelligent Investing" value proposition to different clients. The system can tag and report on any investment product, investment processes, and client groups. Its modularized visualization components can demonstrate complex financial situations and scenario analyses at one click. At the same time, its built-in messaging platform enables investment managers to have seamless communication with investors, bringing efficiency, transparency, and intelligence to the entire investment process.

"The platform will enhance Silverhorn's capacity to deal with clients' complex investment needs," said Jason Tu, MioTech CEO and Co-founder. "Our solution to Silverhorn paves the way for MioTech to open up the FinTech world in Hong Kong. We are committed to building world-class technology to empower financial institutions in Asia."

According to PwC's 2017 Global FinTech Report, a stunning 82% of financial institutions in Hong Kong are planning to work with fintech providers within the coming five years. Companies are hoping to reduce internal costs, and to thrive in a hypercompetitive environment while seizing ever-growing market opportunities.

MioTech's team is made up of technical and financial experts from Silicon Valley, New York, Mainland China and Hong Kong. The team includes former employees from Standard Chartered Bank, Oracle, LinkedIn and Google, etc. and has extensive experience in technology and finance. Built on top of its team and product strength, MioTech will expand its market presence beyond Hong Kong and enter Mainland China and Singapore by the end of 2017. 


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