Hanse Orga Signs Agreement with Dolphin Enterprise Solutions Corporation

  • Data , Infrastructure
  • 12.05.2017 08:00 am

Hanse Orga Group, the market leader in financial automation software, today announces that is has reached agreement with Dolphin Enterprise Solutions Corporation (Dolphin), a leading provider of process automation and data management solutions for SAP customers, to become part of Hanse Orga Group and jointly deliver leading technology and process solutions to enterprise customers across the globe.

Dolphin’s solutions focus on the optimization of accounts payable and accounts receivable processing as well as data volume management for companies running on SAP. In combination with Hanse Orga Group's existing products, the group will be able to serve customers along the whole financial automation value chain by providing proven expertise in cash flows and payments and a deeper integration with a supporting technology stack to better manage data and documents.

"Fraud protection and compliance assurance are two of the most significant issues that global businesses currently face. Following the integration of Dolphin, we will be able to provide customers with an end-to-end accounts payable solution which ensures that each received invoice and the related payment are processed automatically to minimize the possibility and incidences of fraud," said Sven Lindemann, CEO of Hanse Orga Group.

Dolphin, established in 1995, today has offices in the US and Canada and over 250 corporate customers including some of the world’s leading brands and organizations. The current leadership team remains intact and will play a leading role in the future development of the joint group.

Mr Lindemann said, "Dolphin forms an important part of the group’s global footprint and the execution of the growth strategy. The company has a strong and complementary solution offering, an experienced management team, and an established presence in North America. At the same time, we will help to grow Dolphin's business in the EMEA and APAC regions, where we see significant opportunities to support customers through our joint solution portfolio."

The CEO of Dolphin, Dr. Werner Hopf, said, “It has always been our desire to grow and expand our offerings to provide our customers with even more value. We are proud to be part of a rapidly and profitably growing global fintech company. In partnership with Hanse Orga Group we will be able to create a differentiated solution offering addressing the entire financial automation value chain for customers worldwide. As part of this larger organization, we will continue to view the management of data as instrumental to the success of our customer’s enterprise.”

Hanse Orga Group has a long tradition of automating and managing global cash flows and payments. Since last year, Hanse Orga Group has been backed by the private equity growth investor, Waterland, which supports Hanse Orga Group’s ambition to become the leading fintech company in the financial automation space. Dolphin joining the Group is a continuation of this strategy and follows the acquisition of SOPLEX Consult, a credit and receivables management solutions provider, in November 2016.  

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