Finimize Launches New Stock Data - Democratising Investment Information for the Retail Investor

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  • 25.08.2022 12:50 pm

Bitesize investing insights platform Finimize, which was acquired by abrdn in October 2021, has expanded its mobile app with stock data. Powered by FactSet, the data will give its retail investor community access to the same quality data financial professionals use on a daily basis.

Finimize premium subscribers can now use the new “Markets” feature to access curated data designed to help them make more informed investing decisions. This new feature allows Finimize subscribers to check a snapshot of key stock metrics to make more informed choices and judge whether a company is cheap or expensive, high or low risk and if the company’s fundamentals are strong or weak.

Premium subscribers can analyse stock data in the context of the existing app features: bitesize analyst insights, live events and discussions with other community members. The first iteration will cover all US public stocks with plans to expand into global stocks, ETFs and crypto in the near future.

Finimize will continue to expand its product features across the retail investor journey, making high-quality investing information accessible and appropriate for the new behaviours of modern investors.

“The modern investor is time-poor, community-led and active in managing their own portfolios. Retail investors want to access quality information but the current process isn’t built with them in mind. We want Finimize to become the most convenient way ever to discover, discuss and research investing. Our community made it clear to us that the current process of researching investing ideas remains highly fragmented.” Max Rofagha, CEO Finimize.

“Speaking to our members we found that ‘doing your own research’ often meant 10 minutes of a Google search, a quick check of financial data, scanning social media and WhatsApp chat with a few friends in the know. We want to build for this behaviour but make it easy to access high-quality data that are simple to understand.Max Rothery, VP Community

“Retail investors aren’t going to do the same level of analysis as professionals, and they don’t want to. But the simple step of bringing financial data into your own analysis can make giant leaps in your decision-making. We want retail investors to be able to check a company’s health and arrive at their own conclusions in the time it takes you to make a coffee.” Carl Hazeley, Head Analyst.

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