FeedStock achieves Red Hat Container certification for fully automated data management solutions for financial services institutions

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  • 28.07.2020 11:12 am

FeedStock, the AI-driven data analytics platform for smarter decisions, today announces it has completed Red Hat Container certification for its FeedStock Connector and has been published in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog, to enable frictionless deployment of FeedStock’s systems to optimise costs and drive revenue in every type of client environment. 


This certification enables FeedStock to use Red Hat’s container registry and deploy Red Hat certified containers in FeedStock’s client environments, enabling frictionless deployment at scale of its automated data management solutions. By accessing FeedStock’s data management platform, enterprises gain instant insights from within their unstructured communications data. FeedStock’s AI and NLP technologies drive real time strategic decisions, reveal cost-control opportunities and enable streamlined workflows and improved productivity across the entire front-office. 


Container technologies are among the most cutting-edge techniques available in software development today. They are a community-driven, open source, open standards-based technology. The security and privacy of FeedStock’s software applications is the company’s highest priority and the Red Hat certification further validates that their open source container technology can meet the stringent requirements of the financial services industry. 


Containerisation techniques also enable FeedStock to deliver customisable and bespoke solutions across all types of IT environments, from on-premise, through to hybrid, cloud and multi-cloud environments. 


“We are pleased that FeedStock has completed Red Hat Container certification for FeedStock Connector, providing greater choice of data management solutions to our customers in regulated industries.  As a Red Hat software partner, FeedStock is able to provide their certified container solutions on Red Hat’s portfolio of hybrid cloud technologies to tackle a variety of use cases across enterprise IT environments,” said Mike Werner, senior director, Global Technology Partners, Red Hat. 


Marco Paolini, CTO of FeedStock, continues: “The collaboration with Red Hat has been progressive and positive from the outset. Red Hat helps drive the interaction of large enterprises with small, agile technology providers such as FeedStock, to enable effective deployments and deliver cost optimisation and business-level benefits to our clients within large, highly regulated environments.” 

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