Euromoney TRADEDATA Introduces New Intraday Reference Data Service

  • Data
  • 15.03.2017 12:30 pm

Euromoney TRADEDATA at the opening of FIA Boca 2017, announced the launch of its new intraday reference data service for global futures, options and OTC cleared derivative markets. The new intraday service will capture and process changes in reference and market data for clients who subscribe to its Xymbology service and will be supported by data teams Monday to Friday 24/5 and by its IT service desk 24/7, available only to intraday service clients.  Data changes include symbology updates for new strike series and amendments to contract specifications and other symbology.  

Commenting on the new service Mark Woolfenden, Managing Director of Euromoney TRADEDATA said “The intraday service will offer clients frequent data updates during the trading day, so we can indirectly support our clients’ customers with a superior service through achieving lower trade breaks and reducing resolution times on data queries.  We believe the time is now right for us to offer intraday services given both the structural changes in transactional flows in the market, including the more frequent regulatory reporting in the upcoming MIFID II go live in January 2018 and the availability of cloud infrastructure to support the processing demands of intraday. ”

As more timely market data updates become available, Euromoney TRADEDATA will look at the viability of adding them to its intraday service portfolio.

Commenting on the new intraday service Gregg Whitbread, Global Head of Business Development said “With our data being embedded within most enterprise wide trading work flows we have, ourselves, recognised the need to consume data updates at a higher rate of frequency across our portfolio of 115+ global listed and cleared derivatives exchanges and at the same time, the need to address the challenges of complying with both new and evolving market regulation.  We have spent the last 18 months developing a global team with the capabilities needed to support an intraday offering both from a data and production perspective and now look forward to engaging with our client community to offer up our new intraday package.”

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