Equity Analysts and Portfolio Managers Gain Unrivaled Access to Transactional Data Through New Research Tool

Equity Analysts and Portfolio Managers Gain Unrivaled Access to Transactional Data Through New Research Tool
29.01.2020 04:44 am

Equity Analysts and Portfolio Managers Gain Unrivaled Access to Transactional Data Through New Research Tool

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 ARM Insight, the leading provider of actionable insights from financial data, today announced the availability of registration for the company’s upcoming launch of its Enlightmint research tool. Qualified equity analysts and portfolio managers may now register to be one of the first to take advantage of the tremendous insight provided through millions of consumer transactions across more than 1,600 companies and 430 tickers.


Enlightmint offers professionals in the asset management industry access to an intuitive SaaS-based visualization tool composed of key business metrics informed by empirical card transactions. Dashboards can be self-tailored to reveal inflection points transaction trends for specific merchants and stock tickers or for specific industries, including consumer technology, brick and mortar and online retail, restaurants, streaming services and more. Drilling into cohorts, geographic and demographic information is made easy with adaptable dashboards.


Enlightmint provides transaction data sourced directly from financial institutions and payments companies, providing unparalleled insights across nearly all payment types. The data that powers Enlightmint has been processed through the ARM MimicTM synthetic data engine. Mimic eliminates all personally identifiable information (PII) within the raw transactional logs by creating a synthetic representation of every transaction. The synthetic data maintains statistically-accurate transaction information without carrying any of the risk associated with consumer privacy, allowing Enlightmint to fit well within the compliance requirements of most investment firms. 


Enlightmint users are able to access one of the largest consumer transaction panels, with the broadest demographic and geographic coverage available today, to identify key consumer payment insights. With three years of historical transaction data, Enlightmint also provides visibility into groups that are traditionally underrepresented in other transaction data sets, including Millennials, Generation X, Gen Z, as well as early adopters of innovative financial products and technologies.  


The service is offered at a price that makes the power of big data available to a much broader range of portfolio managers than other legacy transaction data sources. 


“Financial transaction data has become a major differentiator in the asset management world in recent years,” said Randy Koch, CEO, ARM Insight. “Historically, only the largest investment firms have been able to access detailed, real-world transactional information and data streams – and only at a great cost. With Enlightmint, we are making this type of empirical data available to a wider range of fundamental analysts and portfolio managers than ever before. Through our innovation, we can do this while also completely removing any and all data security and privacy risks.”


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