Colt Unveils New Organisational Structure and Three-Year Strategy

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  • 18.11.2020 11:27 am

Colt Technology Services has today announced a new three-year strategy and organisational structure, to better align Colt to today’s shifting market dynamics. 

The new strategy centres around continuing to develop Colt’s IQ Network through innovation and accelerating growth through the power of its people - taking what’s always been in Colt’s DNA and ensuring the business is agile enough to support enterprises as they move into the future. 

The strategy can be broken down further into four areas of focus, which are; 

  • Increasing Colt’s relevance to the enterprise and capturing the SD WAN market.
  • Co-building, co-creating and co-developing with cloud builders.
  • Doubling down on the customer experience.  
  • Optimising foundations for future sustainability.

To ensure Colt is best placed to execute this strategy, a new organisational structure has also been announced. Made up of seven pillars, this structure aims to foster greater collaboration both inside the organisation, as well as with customers and partners. 

The new structure is comprised of the below pillars;  

  • Technology & Security - Streamlining Colt’s systems and processes, as well as enhancing security and harnessing data. 
  • Operations & Engineering – Driving service improvement with a close alignment to Colt’s engineering capabilities.
  • Strategy & Transformation – Managing and driving strategic roadmap and relationships, while aligning our communications to elevate our purpose and vision.
  • Sales, Marketing & Customer Relationship Management – The CCO function reimagined, focusing on customers and how we can better cater to their needs.
  • Human Resources – Ensuring people remain at the heart of what we do. 
  • Finance – Continuing to drive a competitive edge for Colt.  
  • General Counsel – Continuing to keep Colt safe and assist customers navigating the ever changing regulatory environment.

As part of this shift, Ashish Surti, Avijit Singh and Robin Farnan have all been elevated to Colt’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT). 

Ashish will hold the newly created role of Executive Vice President – Technology & Security, responsible for Colt’s overall technology and security strategy and execution. Ashish has been with Colt for three years, previously holding the role of Chief Security Officer. 

Avijit will now take on the role of Chief of Staff to the CEO, responsible for developing and driving the implementation of strategic initiatives across Colt. He previously held the position of Chief of Staff to the Chief Operating Officer. 

Robin will now hold the newly created role of Executive Vice President - Operations & Engineering, responsible for Colt’s overall engineering, delivery and assurance strategy and operations. Robin joined Colt in 2016, as Vice President (VP) Service Assurance and until recently was VP, Service Delivery. These new appointments report into Chief Executive Officer, Keri Gilder.

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