Avelacom wins FX Markets e-FX Award for the Best Connectivity, Hosting and Co-location Services

  • Data , IT Innovations , Infrastructure
  • 28.07.2021 10:15 am

Recognition by FX Markets marks Avelacom’s third industry award in 2021 

Avelacom, the low latency connectivity, IT  infrastructure, and data solutions provider for global financial markets, has won the  FX Markets Award for best connectivity, hosting and co-location services for electronic FX trading. 

This latest award recognizes Avelacom’s excellence as a global leader in network services and IT hardware solutions tailored for the financial industry and specifically  FX trading firms, one of the largest groups in capital markets. 

Avelacom is highly regarded for its continuous commitment to, and investment in the  FX industry. Banks and trading firms continue to focus heavily on IT infrastructure efficiency as a key success factor, yet the growth and volatility of the FX markets over the past year led to greater challenges for these firms to compete. As a result,  there is a high demand to deploy best-in-class technologies like Avelacom’s ready to-go low latency connectivity, IT infrastructure and data solutions. 

Over the past 12 months Avelacom has been expanding its network and IT  infrastructure, with 50% of its revenues reinvested in its hardware, capacity building and latency optimisation. As clients have demanded access to trade more EMFX,  Avelacom has increased its points-of-presence (PoPs) and enhanced its fiber backbone across Asia, Latin America, India, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, making these new markets easier and more efficient to access.  

London <> Tokyo and London <> Singapore ultra-low latency fiber routes are recognized as leaders in Avelacom’s product portfolio, due to significant market demand, driven by increased trading volumes and the rise of new FX matching and pricing engines in Singapore. Unrivaled network performance metrics on these particular routes strongly differentiates Avelacom in the FX space. 

With increased global acceptance of cryptocurrency as an asset class Avelacom has adapted its solutions to enable institutions to easily enter digital assets trading.  Avelacom’s infrastructure provides low latency access to all major crypto exchanges globally, which is in high demand among institutions with an FX trading background.

Aleksey Larichev, CEO of Avelacom, said: “We are very pleased to receive this latest award. FX is a key asset class for us since we launched our London to Tokyo ultra-low latency route, which helps drive new arbitrage opportunities for institutions.  The FX industry is fast growing and dynamic which encourages us to keep improving latency, increase capacity across our network and launch new points of presence to allow access to even more FX markets. This ongoing commitment demonstrates  Avelacom’s ambition to remain the leading connectivity, hosting and co-location  service in the FX and crypto markets globally.” 


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