AMAG Leasing AG Accelerates Car Leasing with Cloud-Hosted FICO Decisioning Platform

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  • 11.05.2021 12:50 pm


  • AMAG Leasing AG improves staff productivity by 50 percent by automating credit granting decisions.
  • Complex changes to business rules take days rather than two months.
  • AMAG Leasing AG says return on investment will take just over six months.
  • Project completed entirely remotely without a single physical meeting.

AMAG Leasing AG, the largest B2B and B2C captive car leasing company in Switzerland, has used the FICO® Platform to improve its credit granting process. With more than 150,000 leasing contracts under management, AMAG Leasing AG has been able to automate large parts of the decision-making procedure involved in striking new leases so that the company will be able to handle 50 percent more applications with the same workforce, thanks to the power of FICO® Decision Modeler.

The user-friendly nature of the platform allows credit managers to implement policies themselves in a matter of hours. More complex changes to business rules which used to take up to two months to apply can now be completed in less than a week.

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Before the implementation, the company had been experiencing issues meeting changes in the market quickly, as their incumbent rules engine required changes to be coded by the third-party supplier. This meant that adjustments took a very long time and AMAG Leasing AG was missing the flexibility to react to market conditions and customer expectations.

Our strategic goal was to increase the digitalization and automation of our leasing process to give us an opportunity to meet our growth target of doubling our yearly application volume within the next few years,” said Martin Meyer, managing director at AMAG Leasing AG. “The move to a cloud-based decisioning platform has allowed us to scale our business, bring greater control in-house and plug us into leading technology that will get better through updates every year.”

By deploying the cloud-based FICO system, AMAG Leasing AG was able to create intelligent rules driven by data, allow leadership to analyze the portfolio and run what-if simulations and produce an audit trail that tracked the changes made.

“The solution from FICO has given us enormous flexibility to deliver an improved offering to our customers and partners,” added Meyer. “What was also impressive was that due to the pandemic, the project was run completely remotely between us and FICO and yet still came in on time and on budget, which demonstrates the close working relationship that developed between our two companies. We believe this project will deliver our ROI in just over 6 months.”

Using the capabilities on the FICO® Platform, AMAG Leasing AG was able to orchestrate multiple data sources to facilitate automated decisions, customer identification and bureau data retrieval for leasing applications.

The AMAG Leasing AG toolset includes FICO® Decision Modeler - Cloud EditionFICO® Data Orchestrator and FICO® Decision Management Platform - Cloud Edition

AMAG Leasing AG has accelerated their car leasing business with a transformational cloud deployment,” said Steve Hadaway, EMEA general manager for FICO. I am particularly proud of the engagement taking place remotely with not a single physical meeting taking place. Not only did everybody show great flexibility and adaptation, AMAG Leasing AG also demonstrated great trust in us and as a result has very quickly optimized a critical business process.”

The FICO® Platform provides the ideal decisioning foundation companies need to successfully achieve digital transformation. It provides unprecedented insight into customers’ immediate and future needs by eliminating data silos and enabling interoperability between enterprise applications. FICO was named a leader by Forrester Research in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Decisioning Platforms, Q4 2020.

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